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EFI launches scalable blade-based Fiery DFEs for inkjet presses

EFI introduces a new Fiery XB digital front end (DFE) platform to power ultra high-speed inkjet presses. The Fiery XB Scalable Blade Server platform is based on a high-performance blade-based hardware architecture. This engine is designed for ultra high-speed inkjet presses in the corrugated, packaging, transaction, commercial, graphics, book printing and photo markets.

The new Fiery XB platform will power the next generation of ultra high-speed inkjet presses including Landa nanography presses, Xerox Trivor, Canon Voyager and EFI Nozomi.

The DFE is said to be able to drive the presses to unparalleled speeds – 100 meters per minute of 1.8M wide corrugated boards; or in excess of 13,000 B1 sheets per hour, the equivalent of roughly 173 cut-sheet toner engines printing simultaneously at 100 pages per minute.

The ultra-powerful, scalable Fiery XB platform uses efficient Fiery software for blazing RIP performance and video throughput with maximum use of hardware resources. These new high-powered Fiery DFEs drive everything from “RIP once, print many” books to versioned B1 packaging output, all at engine-rated speeds.

The new Fiery XB platform supports requirements beyond four-colour CMYK for B1 commercial and packaging applications with a scalable extended colour gamut and near-offset image quality for a variety of different presses. Users can manage up to seven-colour applications, plus specialty colours and applications such as white ink or MICR ink.

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