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GOSS Launches Industry First Technology

New patented Embedded Color Bar Control technology is set to revolutionise web offset for packaging

Drupa was the launchpad for the Embedded Color Bar Control technology, an industry first from Goss. The patented innovation enables packaging converters to embed the colour bar, which is used for controlling colour, registration and ink on the printed substrate, into the image on a label or packaging design.

Colour bars typically require a clear space on the substrate. This clear space either requires an additional step in the production process to remove it, or it is left on the finished product, which can impact the overall packaging design.

“Traditionally in the offset process, the colour bar is too visible. Whereas with this new technology, the colour bar is embedded within the packaging, and is printed around it, so it is not as visible,” said Tim Mercy, managing director, Goss Asia Pacific.

Conventionally, the colour is a visible clear strip

With the Embedded Color Bar Control technology, the clear space is eliminated.

“It's an automatic technology which uses the embedded bars to control the four-colours. It allows the packaging printer to run a colour control system that makes the press a lot more efficient. I've had a lot of customers come in and they're very interested in this because they have not seen a technology like that before in packaging.”

To make the Embedded Color Bar possible, Goss has developed the smallest colour bar available for both colour and register control.

Between each section of colour bar, an image is printed, filling in the space between each bar and therefore minimising its impact on the finished product design.


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