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Fuji Xerox wraps up successful drupa

Fuji Xerox hosted a healthy number of visitors from Asia at drupa 2016. Through ‘country days’, attendees were able to experience the best of the Xerox booth. Holding the theme ‘Let the Work Flow’, the show floor was sectioned into the six key market application areas: direct mail, transactional marketing, packaging, photos, books & catalogs and marketing service providers. More than 160 applications were being printed on the booth.

Amongst the machines on demo at drupa that garnered the most interest from the Asian attendees include the iGen5, the Versant line, the C1000i press, and a drupa launchpad product: The Xerox Brenva HD, a production press that was a prominent highlight at the Xerox booth, and is the company’s first cut-sheet inkjet press.

Xerox Brenva HD

“The Brenva HD definitely is an interesting product and potentially opens new opportunities outside of what we currently sell.” said Mike Braggins, senior manager of graphics communications, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific.

The Brenva HD aims to combine the cost effectiveness of inkjet with the flexibilities of cut-sheet to address the needs of print providers in the light direct mail, transactional and book markets.

Fuji Xerox is still in the process of evaluating the potential market for the Brenva HD in Asia Pacific: “We’re in the midst of talking to our customers and seeing if it is a viable technology for them, particularly in terms of running costs, and then we’ll decide whether we can bring that to Asia.”

Also under evaluation is the Xerox Rialto 900. The Rialto is a single pass duplex colour press, which runs at a maximum speed of up to 320 A4ppm. The printing width is 220mm, with a web width of up to 250mm. It supports paper weights from 60 to 160 gsm. At drupa, Xerox introduced two new in-line finishing options for the press. The Rialto is now able to accommodate an in-line dynamic perforator and a second high capacity stacker.

“We probably will, if the economics of the Brenva HD is good for Asia. Both the Brenva HD and the Xerox Rialto 900 fit between the iGen presses and the high volume continuous feed presses, in what Infotrend refer to as the ‘Zone of Disruption’. ” added Braggins.

In terms of aesthetics, the Brenva HD bears resemblance to the toner press iGen5 press, which Fuji Xerox recently released in the region in March 2016. The Brenva HD incorporates many of the reliable paper-path components of the iGen. Some of the features include an inline spectrophotometer to assist with calibration and profiling and a K-only mode to enable it to run as a cost effective monochrome press. The Brenva HD utilises object-oriented colour management to distinguish text, graphics and images and optimises the image quality of each accordingly.

The Brenva HD was launched in conjunction with the new continuous feed Xerox Trivor 2400 inkjet press. Fuji Xerox will not be introducing the Trivor 2400 to the region, as its capabilities are similar to Fuji Xerox's own range of continuous feed inkjet presses, namely the FX 2800 and FX 1400 twin-engine and single-engine duplex machines. Those are experiencing great success, having sold more than 80 engines within this region to date.

“What we’re beginning to see in the market is that inkjet is becoming mainstream. The inkjet quality that we see right now compared to what it was the last drupa is so marked. Four years ago, we were showing technology demonstrations on what we can do, and now we are showing technology that is actually viable for the market, and it can only continue to get better,” said Braggins.

The Xerox booth also hosted various other technology demonstrations, including a clear toner for the fifth station of the iGen5 and High Fusion Ink that enables inkjet printing on traditional offset coated stocks, eliminating the need for pre or post paper treatment.

A prototype of its new Direct to Object Inkjet Printer was also demonstrated. This inkjet printer is able to print on 3D objects in a wide variety of materials including plastics, ceramics, metals and fabric. Xerox reported that the prototype has been sold to UK-based printer DCL Print.

Premier Partners

Two days prior to drupa, Fuji Xerox held its annual conference for Premier Partners in Amsterdam. 160 members were in attendance on 29th May for a series of events that motivates idea sharing and provides networking opportunities. The senior management team were onsite to provide valuable insight on the strategic direction of Fuji Xerox, key trends in the industry and the company’s latest innovations. Winners of the company’s ‘Best of the Best Awards’ for 2016 were also announced.

Fuji Xerox Post DRUPA Event

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific will be rolling out a post-drupa event or events in the months after drupa 2016. These will extend to all customers in the region with the aim of giving those who are unable to attend drupa an overview of the major print event.

Watch out for further announcements so that you can register interest with your local Fuji Xerox representatives

Read the full version of this article and more in the July issue of Print Innovation Asia.

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