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The Secret to Award Winning Success

iMSGlobal emerged the biggest winner at the inaugural competition, ORIS Flex Pack Awards. The company’s partnership with CGS has been instrumental in its international journey to the forefront of packaging design and branding.

The Business

Company: iMSGroup Australia Pty Ltd (iMSGlobal)

Industry: Packaging Branding and Design

Headquarters: Australia

Website: http://www.imsgroup.com.au/

The Challenge

- Improve the range of proofing and mockup solutions across all operations

- Push boundaries in creative brand packaging to continue to meet client satisfaction standards

- Update and maintain a solid platform of operations to remain competitive

The Solution

CGS ORIS Proofing Solution consisting of:

- ORIS Flex Pack // Web software

- Roland Versacamm VS-300i

The Results

- iMSGlobal beat entries from all over the world to win five out of 12 awards at the inaugural Flex Pack // Web Awards

- Ability to deliver a consistent product and exceed client expectations with a powerful cost-effective colour management solution

- Maximum level of creative and innovation facilitated by a greater level of flexibility for substrates

At Drupa 2016, CGS Publishing Technologies recognised the winners of its first ORIS Flex Pack Awards. The competition acknowledged the creativity of current customers of the ORIS Flex Pack // Web system, and awarded 12 winning entries across four categories: Flexible Packaging, Carton Printing, Labels and Specialty Packaging.

One of the big winners of the competition was iMSGroup Australia Pty Ltd (iMSGlobal), which surpassed dozens of Flex Pack // Web user from across the globe to take home five out of the 12 awards meted out.

“Winning five awards was a tremendous achievement for our team. We work hard to meet the needs and demands of our clients and winning these categories is a real testament to the quality of the work we produce. CGS’s ORIS Flex Pack // Web system gives us cutting-edge mock-up and packaging proof capability, so our clients can really see and experience their brand coming to life,” said Andrew Gale, technical director, iMSGlobal.

iMS is a global packaging and POS graphic design and production full service agency. The Australian headquartered company has ten offices in eight countries across Europe and Asia Pacific. In Asia Pacific, iMS is located in the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Shanghai and Mumbai.

“When we found out that iMS won so many awards at our first Flex Pack // Web competition, it didn’t come as a surprise. The entries submitted by the iMS operational units were not only high quality but complex too. It goes to show the level of creativity that the company possesses,” said Christoph Thommessen, sales director for Asia Pacific, CGS.

Bringing Brands to Life

Working in collaboration with their clients’ agencies and print vendors, the iMS group aims to provide a holistic, end-to-end service for brand management teams and address every stage of the artwork prepress, colour and print management process. The brands iMS generally represents are those in the FMCG space.

“Many of our clients view us as their brand guardians, and this is a role we take very seriously. Our goal is to ensure that their brand is always showcased in the best, most innovative and most creative way, so the solutions we offer must always be exceptional,” said Gale.

The company prides itself in adopting and investing in new, leading-edge technology. For iMS, it was essential to be updated with a solid and competitive platform of operations to consistently meet client satisfaction.

“We regularly review all of our functions to ensure we continue to push boundaries. We are always seeking to improve the range of proofing and mock-up solutions that we engage across our operations,” said Gale.

“As we were expanding rapidly, we had the opportunity to invest in new technology and establish a new frontier. The time was ripe to explore the options available in the market that can improve our current range of platforms.”

As part of the search and upon review of its current systems, the company pinpointed a number of requirements. It required a progressive colour management solution that is cost effective and can create value for its clients. There was also a need for a solution that has the ability to print onto a wide range of base materials, and can provide accurate samples of likely commercial print run outcomes.

iMS found the answer in the ORIS Flex Pack // Web system. The solution consists of the ORIS Flex Pack // Web software and the Roland Versacamm VSi UV printing system.

The ORIS Edge

Worldwide, the ORIS Flex Pack // Web system has 274 installations. The solution has install bases across the whole production chain, ranging from design agencies, brand owners, mock-up producers, prepress companies to printers. Amongst the printers are flexo, offset and gravure printers and even metal can printers.

The ORIS Flex Pack // Web system has firmly established itself in the market when it comes to producing highly accurate packaging proofs and mock-ups. The unique solution leverages 4D colour management technology and specially developed XG inks, which includes orange and green to offer up a wide gamut to cover almost all spot colours.

“iMS already has and still retains other colour management and proofing solutions which we continue to operate across our facilities. However, for a high quality and colour accurate outcome we channel that work through the CGS solution,” Gale added.

The Flex Pack // Web Software includes a packaging-specific spot colour management, which can also support CxF/4 spectral data allowing for perfect spot colour overprints. Furthermore, the software offers integrated soft proofing, proof certification and halftone support.

Flex Pack // Web allows for colour precision and accuracy for mock-ups and proofs. The key to the colour precision is the ORIS broad transfer media portfolio, which can be printed upon and then transferred to any substrate common in packaging, including metal.

“The combination of quality staff and training made the CGS colour management solution a powerful cost-effective option that delivers a consistent product,” said Gale. “Coupled with the correct maintenance program and procedures, the CGS solution delivers a greater level of flexibility for generating folding carton, labels, shrink sleeves and TRUE proofs on actual substrate.”

The software builds on Roland’s native firmware, with all printer features such as multi-pass, print and cut or overprint, are supported and efficiently used for the application. The Roland printer is equipped with a built-in cutting feature so that even short runs of adhesive labels can economically be produced. The hardware has been customised with several components developed by CGS, like a pre-heater, add-on dryers or special media feed systems. Amongst the available hardware options are also custom laminators, punchers and register units.

Expanding Footprint with Innovation

Moving forward, the iMSGlobal team have big plans to spread its international footprint. The company sees itself continue to open offices in Europe, North & South America and open more offices in the Asia Pacific region.

“Our operational model is modular and is dependent upon servicing client needs in each location. However, a fundamental part of our modular solution is the installation of the CGS technology in all of our proposed new office locations. At Drupa 2016, our team spent some time investigating other solutions, but so far none has been able to match the technical support and direction that the CGS team advocates,” said Gale.

To date, iMS has installations of the ORIS Flex Pack // Web solution, located in all of its Asia Pacific bases.

“The CGS team have been very supportive of our challenges in pushing boundaries and have worked diligently with us to ensure all of our people are trained to the highest level, that our installations were completed efficiently, within deadline and on budget and they continue to provide after sales support at the highest level. We would like to express our appreciation to them for that continued support,” Gale continued.

Thommessen concluded: “We’re extremely proud that iMS have chosen our solution to support them in their demanding journey to remain as leading brand management experts and specialists. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them as the iMS family grows even bigger throughout the globe.”

From Left - David Yates (Brand Guardian / Proofing Manager), Darren Marshall (Operations Manager), Andrew Gale (Technical Director)

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