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Dscoop Asia 2016 Redefines Creativity and Innovation

The creatively charged event concluded on a high as the entire communications ecosystem of print specialists, marketers and creative agencies from across the region were brought together – a first for Dscoop worldwide.

HP’s president of Asia Pacific and Japan, Richard Bailey

Themed ‘Winning Inspirations’, this year’s edition was held in Singapore over two event-filled days, from 17 to 18 November. Housed at the Grand Copthorne Hotel on the first day, and HP’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) at Tuas the day after, the conference logged over 900 visitors from the region.

The annual event took on a different life this time, as it went beyond the traditional Dscoop print community to include brand specialists and creative agencies, closing the loop of the entire communications ecosystem. This meant active connecting and idea-exchanging between influential marketers, digital innovators, creative leads and print specialists from across Asia Pacific and Japan.

The conference kicked off with Dscoop chair, Kelvin Gage of Sydney-based Dominion Printing, and joined after by HP’s president of Asia Pacific and Japan, Richard Bailey. The two highlighted the ultimate purpose of Dscoop, with a call to transform experiences through innovation and creativity.

“Reinvent. Step it up. Change everything you do, every day,” urged Bailey.

TED-talk presentations followed after, as the region’s creatives took the stage. Notable speakers include Hanny Gan from Malaysia’s Photobook Worldwide, who presented on the importance of innovating in the business of personalization.

Hanny Gan from Photobook Worldwide

Photobook Worldwide first invested in the HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press and added the HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press. In 2012, it purchased its first HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press and added a second in 2013. Within eight years, it managed to grow its Kuala Lumpur operations five-fold. From solely dealing with photobooks, the company now offers a wider variety of printed goods including phone covers, coasters and customised mugs.

As per Dscoop conference custom, tracks designed to inspire, educate and help participants better understand the marketplace were run in conjunction. Amongst the movers and shakers of the marketing and creative industries leading the track sessions were HP’s Roy Eitan and Michael Boyle, Denis Dong of Mondelez China, Pat Law of Goodstuph, James Rutherford of GlaxoSmithKline and Nikshep Shetty of Johnson & Johnson.

This year’s conference went beyond technical presentations to include workshop-style ‘Curator’s Executive Circle’ and ‘Incubator’s Lab’ sessions, in which visitors and marketing professionals were able to explore and discuss further campaign ideas and opportunities. HP’s solution partners were also on-deck to complete the Dscoop experience

Day two at the CoE continued the same energetic note. This time round, visitors were not only able to view HP’s presses on demo, but also their full capabilities. Creative applications of HP’s digital printing solutions in home, office and retail settings were on full display. A new highlight at the CoE was a specialised ‘Pink Room’. Doused in UV light, the room featured the Special HP Indigo ElectroInk Fluorescent Pink. The ink was recently used in an art installation at the Singapore Night Festival 2016.

'Pink' Room featuring Special HP Indigo ElectroInk Fluorescent Pink

Alon Bar-Shany, Indigo’s vice president and general manager, HP Inc, wrapped up this year’s event experience: “Although this region is in early days in digital print and behind in some aspects compared to US and Europe, it represents the largest growth area. There’s a huge hunger to want to connect with new consumers and to do things differently. I’ve always enjoyed the Dscoop experience, and this is the best Dscoop ever honestly; bringing brands together and expanding the community beyond printers generate content to end 2016 on a high.”

HP's Roy Eitan giving a tour of HP solutions in the photo printing space

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