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HP partners with YiFuTu.com

At the close of Dscoop Asia 2016, HP announced a partnership with China’s YiFuTu.com, an industry leading graphic-design and printing-services platform.

HP Inc.'s Winnie Hung and Alon Bar-Shany with executives from YiFuTu.com

The collaboration is part of HP’s continuous strategic development effort in building working relationship with innovative e-commerce leaders to drive creativity and customer growth around the world.

YiFuTu.com is one of the biggest design and printing platform in China. The portal has over 30,000 designers working for it, and today offers 150,000 design templates via its software. Some of the products that the platform offers include business cards, notebooks and customised gift packaging.

“We began discussions with YiFuTu.com because they are one of the printing leaders in China that are driving change. We need to look at the larger ecosystem in the market, rather than just print itself to drive innovation in the industry,” said Winnie Hung, strategic development manager for global and regional initiatives, HP Inc.

“The China market, like every printing market, is going into the path of commercialisation, such that it’s becoming more about price while quality is decreasing. YiFuTu.com was looking for change. As we were exchanging ideas and exploring the possibilities HP Indigo has to offer, we realised that together we can be better and make changes,” Hung continued.

As part of the collaboration, YiFuTu.com will have a series of new products to be launched to the Chinese market in 2017. HP are looking to work together with YiFuTu.com over the next three years to produce even more innovative products in accordance to customer needs and interests.

“Printing of today is a career of emotion rather than information. People want to personalise, so now is a good time for digital printing, especially for Indigo. After sharing and discussing ideas with the Indigo team, we think we have the same ideas about the same digital printing industry in China and that is to combine the capabilities of design with the capabilities of Indigo for the printing market,” said Jing Lee, co-founder and COO, YiFuTu.com.

“China is a large scale market and I think people want to be individuals and want to bring out their individual capabilities. And one of the ways to do that is to involve them in the creative process. This is not something to be scaled just within China, but to other parts of the world,” Alon Bar-Shany, Indigo’s vice president and general manager, HP Inc added.

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