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IDC MarketScape names Canon as High-Speed Production Inkjet Market Leader

Canon announced that it has been named a leader in the high-speed inkjet press market, according to the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide High-Speed Inkjet Press 2016 Vendor Assessment (doc #US40331116, September 2016).

The IDC MarketScape report noted that a variety of factors have helped contribute to Canon’s success, including its lineup of production inkjet devices and commitment to research and development. The report detailed Canon’s ability to provide new solutions to the market based on different considerations for end-users.

In 2015, Canon customers printed 69 billion pages in the United States and over 150 billion pages worldwide using Canon inkjet technology alone, cementing the Company’s reputation as a valuable player in this market segment.

“The findings of the IDC MarketScape report supports Canon’s position as a leader in the high-speed inkjet press market and validates the Company’s approach to developing devices and technology to better allow the end-user to accomplish their tasks efficiently,” said Toyotsugu Kuwamura, executive vice president and general manager for Canon U.S.A., Inc.

“Moving forward into 2017 and beyond, Canon will continue to build off of the widest ranging portfolio in the printing industry and offer innovative products and solutions to help meet the demands of our customers across all segments, including direct mail, commercial, book and transactional printing operations.”

Among the items specifically highlighted in the IDC MarketScape report is Canon’s OcéVarioPrint i300 press, which the report recognised for its versatility and low-operating cost. Offering sheet-fed flexibility, the VarioPrint i300 press, featuring iQuarius technology, lends itself to a broad audience in the transaction, direct mail, publishing and commercial print markets. Newly added to the VarioPrint i300 press is the ColorGrip feature, allowing high-quality inkjet printing on a variety of cost effective media. The addition of Canon’s ColorGrip technology illustrates the Company’s commitment to continually innovate, helping to add value to an already successful product.

In addition to the VarioPrint i300, Canon’s high-speed inkjet offerings include the popular OcéColorStream 3000 series, which boasts over 1,000 installations worldwide. Featuring high speed, high quality full color inkjet printers, the Océ ColorStream 3000 inkjet press offers the efficiency and versatility needed for color and monochrome production operations with the device’s DigiDot piezoelectric drop-on-demand technology to help replicate vivid color at top speeds.

“As a testament to the quality of their high-speed production inkjet devices, our printing operation relies solely on Canon devices, including the Océ VarioPrint i300 and ColorStream 3000 presses. Both these machines allow us to provide our clients with high quality prints at expedited turnaround times to better meet their needs and keep customers satisfied,” said Steve Hegna of Arna Marketing, a New Jersey-based direct marketing company.

In addition to Canon’s product offerings, the IDC MarketScape report also noted the following factors as the company’s strengths: the success of the PRISMA digital front end, a strong focus on solutions, support for a variety of ink and media types, strong patent filings and strong customer service practices.

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