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Korea's MBN installs GOSS M-600 Press

MBN (Maeil Business Newspaper), South Korea’s primary business newspaper, has installed a16-page Goss M-600 for the high printing quality and productivity that is synonymous with this press.

Delegates during the MBN Open House event including: Mr. Lee, Vice Chairman, MBN; Mr. Jeon, General Affair Manager, MBN and Mr. Kim, Factory Manager, MBN.

The new M-600 press expands the company’s existing high-quality print capabilities and increases its overall production capacity, enabling MBN to drive new sales opportunities.

MBN, owned by Maekyung Media Group, delivers high-quality printed monthly and weekly magazines, reference books, pictorials and brochures, and newspapers.

The company already boasts an impressive range of Goss equipment including 6 Newsliner presses across its four production sites in South Korea. However, the new press, equipped with Omnicon press controls, gives MBN a new competitive edge.

Mr. Lee, Vice Chairman, MBN explained: “This latest investment provides existing and new customers with an even higher standard product. The M-600 press is the best on the market and ensures that we can deliver the highest quality with the shortest make-readies and as such, we are confident that there will soon be even higher demand for our services. The strong performance and proven durability of our existing Goss equipment and technologies were also key factors in the decision making process for this investment.”

MBN held an open house event at its Paju city facility on September 29. The event enabled MBN to demonstrate the capabilities of the Goss M-600 press to numerous interested customers and prospects.

Tim Mercy, managing director, Goss Asia Pacific, commented: “When people saw the M-600system in action at the open house event, they were able to fully appreciate the quality and productivity achievable with this press. Goss and MBN have an established relationship spanning many years and we are really pleased to be able to support them once again as they take yet another step forward and expand their business.”

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