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Lim Weng Wah Brothers Printing Press installs second manroland press

The Malaysian-based printing company invested in the ROLAND 706 LV HiPrint to boost its packaging operations.

from left: LWW's Mr Lim Kim Swee, director; Lim Shen Siang, business development; Samuel Lim, general manager; Eddy Lim, business development with Michael Choong from manroland Malaysia

Located in the heart of Malacca, Malaysia, Lim Weng Wah Brothers Printing Press Sdn Bhd (LWW) is an established name in the packaging printing industry. Proudly family-run, LWW spans three generations with company director, Mr Lim Kim Swee, at the helm. Together with his three sons, he manages the business which has a staff strength of 69 to date.

The company was established with humble beginnings in a shop house. It was only in 1990 that the company began specialising in the manufacture and supply of high-quality packaging and label printing products. Quality control is observed very closely at every stage of the production process at LWW, from the input of raw material to finished goods all the way to warehousing and delivery. “Rigorous quality control and commitment to meet our clients’ demands are a must,” said Mr. Lim Kim Swee, the Company Director of LWW.

Colour consistency is one of the daily challenges for packaging printers, especially because solid and half-tone colours are frequently used in the packaging products. “Perfect printing result – that’s one of the key reasons why we installed our first ROLAND 706 LV HiPrint in 2008,” said Mr Lim.

LWW's first Roland 706 LV HiPrint, installed in 2008

It turned out to be a wise investment and a great business decision. Fast-forward to 2016 and LWW is investing in their second new ROLAND 706 LV HiPrint 3B format machine.

“Based on the successful investment in the first manroland machine, we have very good reason to believe that manroland’s top printing technologies and their strong support in machineries maintenance can lead us to a new level,” said Mr. Lim. “The recent investment in the second press, ROLAND 706 LV HiPrint, is an important part of our company's strategy to strengthen our competitiveness and increase our market share in the packaging industry.”

Mr Lim also took into consideration the longstanding relationship he has with manroland Malaysia: “We appreciate the good relationship we have with the manroland team, and it’s important for us to maintain that.

Apart from the reliability of the machine, it has a lot to do with the people who are actually supporting the brand within Malaysia. When there is a machine breakdown, we can call them up and rely on them to service the machines very quickly.”

One of the key feature of the new six-colour ROLAND 706 LV HiPrint with inline coating is that it prints at 78 x 105 cm format. This additional 40 mm creates higher productivity, up to 50% or more. The second key feature of the new ROLAND 706 LV HiPrint is the Integration Pilot Smart.

Make ready times of the printing press can be reduced significantly by job preparation including ink pre-setting. Integration Pilot Smart creates the print job, including colour pre-setting from the CIP3 File sent from the prepress department.

The first manroland machine was also upgraded with this new feature. This greatly reduces the make ready time by approximately 25%, and also reduces paper waste by 25% through colour pre-setting. Furthermore, savings of working time with job preparation between two to five minutes per job.

The new machine has a maximum printing speed up to 16,000 sheets per hour, to further accommodate LWW’s increased output levels. The suction belt sheet guiding technology replaces the traditional suction rollers with the suction belts, resulting in even better print quality and productivity.

Mr. Lim is confident that the new press will deliver exactly what LWW needs to drive the business forward. It can absolutely enhance LWW’s overall competitiveness and effectively help it with its further expansion.

Additionally, the flexible machine configuration of ROLAND 700 HiPrint is capable of supporting LWW in producing various jobs for print buyers.

With the new ROLAND 706 LV HiPrint and the existing ROLAND 706 LV HiPrint in its printing facility, LWW now has a dynamic duo working to ensure its leading position in a highly competitive packaging industry.

The Commitment to Quality

LWW is well known in the industry for having good service and quality. As testament to the commitment to quality, the company was awarded the ISO 9001 certification in 2011. Mr Lim’s eldest son, Eddy Lim Shen Shi, was the one responsible for the accreditation.

“The industry has changed dramatically since 2008. Customers are a lot more challenging and have higher requirements. For example, customers are very sensitive to colour accuracy,” said Eddy.

“In order to keep up with our customers, some of whom have been with us for so many years, we’ve had to continuously improve on our service, skills, and of course have good machines, to be able to produce quality products for them,” Eddy continued. “The priority for us is to have the best quality, the best service, and the best delivery time. The ultimate aim is to continuously improve to fulfill our customer needs.”

When asked on what’s next for LWW: “It is because of the support of our customers that we can specialise in the food packaging, and enable us to expand to where we are today. The next step hopefully would be to shift to a bigger facility to better accommodate our customer orders, as this current one is at full capacity already.”



from left: LWW's Eddy Lim, Tan Kiam Tee, Leong Meng Choon, Tan Chee How,

Lim Shen Siang


Read the full version of this article and more print news in Issue 11 of Print Innovation Asia.

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