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Singapore-based Futureworx goes for HP Latex technology to achieve environmental goals

When it comes being sustainable, HP Latex technology is one of the printing technologies that come to mind. HP Latex water-based inks carry GreenGuard and Ecologo certification and has shown to be more environmentally sound than conventional eco-solvent, solvent or UV printing.

Futureworx Pte Ltd is one such company that has benefitted from HP Latex technology. The Singapore-based company primarily prints for media spaces and specialises in large format indoor and outdoor printing. The company serves mainly the domestic market; amongst its clientele include Singapore Changi Airport.

When Futureworx initially began, the company used eco-solvent printers. Soon, the company began to feel the repercussions of solvent printers, especially on the staff: “Before this we were using eco-solvents. It produced unbearable smells and volatile gases which filled up the entire working space,” said Ranky Ee, managing director, Futureworx Pte Ltd.

“I have to put the health of my team first, especially considering the amount of printing we do. Since we’ve switched to HP, our team is happier. And that’s an important factor for me, that our guys are happier and healthier,” Ee continued. “If you can’t take care of your guys, how can you really say you’re taking care of your business. These are the very people who are helping your company to grow.”

Jeff Kleijn, head of Large Format Production and Industrial, HP Inc, added: “This is a good practice of a responsible business owner. With the old technologies, the VOCs that is released through solvents has such an immediate impact on the health of the employees. That in turn has a direct effect on productivity. This goes beyond the moral responsibility aspect, it also makes pure business sense.”

In addition, due to the odourless quality of HP Latex Inks, productivity is significantly boosted. Unlike solvent inks which require a de-gassing wait period, Futureworx can now immediately finish the print. Furthermore, it allows for high quality, scratch resistant prints. This has helped Futureworx to stay competitive, by being able to churn out prints faster than before while still meeting high quality expectations of their customers.

“It’s a fast moving industry. The general trend now is that the turnaround time for campaigns are getting shorter as marketers and retailers are need to continuously change their display to catch the attention of consumers. Every couple of weeks to a month, our customers require new products to be printed,” said Ee.

Futureworx has already replaced all of their solvent printers with HP Latex technology.

“All of us have an obligation in our personal life and in our profession to contribute to the natural environment, its what we want to hand down to the next generation,” said Ee. “Our environment is getting worse, and I want to do my part to make it less so. Printing with HP Latex technology helps the environment in so many ways, and that’s the direction for my company in the future.”

Randy Ee of Futureworx Pte Ltd with HP's Jeff Kleijn

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