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Xeikon Café confirms marketing guru as speaker

Xeikon has confirmed that marketing guru, Rafi Albo, will be leading a keynote presentation at the upcoming edition of Xeikon Café 2017.

Set for 28 to 31 March in Xeikon's headquarters in Ghent, Belgium, the conference program has always been an integral part of the the annual customer event.

Albo, who is often referred to as the global guru of connected one-to-one marketing, has been integrating printed products with online technologies. Combining technologies such as augmented (AR), virtual (VR) and mixed reality (MR), with fresh ideas, new approaches and creativity, he creates the most innovative applications that bring a ‘wow’ effect.

At the Xeikon Café Conference 2017, Rafi will show on stage some of the most creative work he made for brands from all over the world. Being a strong believer that print is and will always be sexy, he will share his ideas on how AR, VR and MR can boost demand for new print forms and thus the potential success of print businesses and brands.

“I have been working with brand companies and printers all over the world for many years now, talking with them and learning about their needs and the challenges for their business. For brands, emotional connections and the sharing of experiences is becoming ever more important. And this creates ample opportunities for printers, when integrating new online technologies and fresh ideas," said Albo.

"I strongly believe that combining print with online technologies is what offers real added value. I see endless application options in all areas and I have no doubt that such applications will increase, in particular on labels and packaging due to the high significance of the point of sale and the strong competition among producers."

Xeikon has also confirmed a number of highly experienced speakers who will share valuable information about trends and technological advancements in the digital printing market. The speakers will be talking from their personal experience to give a glimpse of what the future may hold and inspire visitors with different business insights and new ideas.

Accommodating the wide scope and interests of the Xeikon Café attendees, the Conference program is divided into a technical and business track. The technical sessions will focus on industry-related technical aspects, while the business sessions will inform attendees about key innovations in digital production of labels and packaging, and focus on business education.

The conference will run daily during the Xeikon Café from 10:00 till 16:30 (except Friday, till noon), closing each day with a ‘talk show’ where the speakers will be discussing the topics of the day.

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