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EFI introduces new VUTEK printers at Connect 2017

VUTEk LED and soft signage printers were launched alongside new versions of print MIS/ERP software suites and Fiery digital production products.

EFI Connect 2017 concluded its 17th edition in January, as customers from all over the world attended the annual event. EFI reported that the conference reached reached sell-out capacity, as attendees from 37 nations gathered to participate.

This year's Connect features important technology advancements from EFI, including the debut of the company's largest soft- signage printer and new LED, roll-to-roll printers.

With each edition, the event aims to cater to customers' evolving needs for information related to market and technology trends. This year’s conference featured eight new educational tracks in an agenda of over 200 classes, with special sessions that included fireside chat keynotes with Quad/Graphics CEO Joel Quadracci and print technology veteran and Xerox CEO, Jeff Jacobson.

In addition to the new printers, EFI unveiled version 5 of its Productivity Suite end-to-end workflow offerings. The company also highlighted next-generation EFI Fiery digital front end (DFE) production technologies that deliver uncompromising quality and productivity in digital print production.

In his opening keynote speech, EFI CEO Guy Gecht addressed artificial intelligence and the impact the next wave of advanced technology is having. Some ERP and MIS workflow products developed by EFI, for example, learn to be more efficient as they track business's operations.

"As with the developments we have all seen with personal computers and mobile technology, artificial intelligence promises to create more opportunities. In print, it can drive preventive diagnostics and predictive maintenance, which helps our customers improve their top and bottom lines,” said Gecht.

Worldwide Premiere of superwide roll-to-roll and soft signage printers

New EFI VUTEk 5r printer

EFI announced new VUTEk 5r and 3r printers, which are designed to be the industry's most technically advanced LED roll-to-roll production offerings. The 5-meter VUTEk 5r printer was shown for the first time in Connect's center for innovation.

Printing at speeds up to 4,896 square feet per hour in resolutions up to 1,200 dpi, the 5-meter EFI VUTEk 5r and 3-meter EFI VUTEk 3r printers maximise performance, efficiency and quality. Featuring high-resolution, 7-picoliter EFI UltraDrop Technology, the new printers offer the fastest throughput in the market, superior image quality and a lower total cost of ownership for premium graphics work.

The printers are also available with a complete range of upgrade options for high productivity and versatility, including optional light colors and white for multi-layer printing; inline finishing for all-in-one printing, cutting, slitting, and collecting; auto backlit and blockout printing, and more.

The new, superwide, roll-to-roll LED printers are available now.

Superior, seamless imaging with the VUTEk FabriVU 520 printer

EFI additionally launched new the 5.2- meter EFI VUTEk FabriVU 520 at Connect 2017. This would be EFI’s largest soft signage printer to date. The printer gives users new capabilities for producing a broader range of soft signage products, including wall murals, theater drapes, and other superwide seamless applications.

The printer can produce up to 446 square meters per hour, and prints at resolutions up to 2,400 dpi. It can do both direct-to-textile and transfer printing with an easy changeover using the same inkset for greater versatility. A patented ink-recovery system saves more than 95% of the ink lost in textile printing systems offered by other manufacturers.

Both new VUTEk printers on exhibit at Connect features the latest-version EFI Fiery proServer DFE, which gives users the advantage of fast RIPing, accurate, high-quality color and robust production management. EFI also presented a technology demonstration of a new, 65-inch wide EFI Wide Format LED inkjet hybrid roll/flatbed printer at Connect, showing the continuing evolution of the proven, energy-efficient and versatile ‘cool cure' platform that has become the industry's most popular choice for production-speed LED imaging.

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