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Wim Maes steps down as CEO of Xeikon

Set to take over Flint Group’s digital solutions business is Ricoh’s Benoit Chatelard.

Xeikon announced that Wim Maes will be leaving the company as CEO. Congruent to the announcement, Benoit Chatelard will take over the role of president & CEO of Flint Group’s Digital Solutions effective 8th May.

The announcement was first made to print media at Xeikon Café 2017’s press event.

“I am leaving Xeikon and Flint Group with mixed feelings. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the company and feel good about the progress we made. I especially want to thank our wonderful Xeikon customers, partners and employees for eight very interesting and rewarding years. I feel proud to have been able to contribute to the Xeikon story, and I have full confidence Benoit will continue this great story with even more achievements in the future,” said Maes.

As part of Chatelard’s new role, he will be taking the lead to further develop Xeikon. He will be proposed as CEO at Xeikon, to be decided at the Xeikon shareholders meeting.

Chatelard was most recently the vice president for production printing business at Ricoh Europe. His digital production printing career began in 2002 when he led the IBM Printing Systems Division for France, Belgium and Luxembourg. With the creation of the InfoPrint Solutions Company Joint Venture between Ricoh and IBM in 2007, Chatelard was appointed vice president and general manager for the joint venture in Asia Pacific based in Singapore, and continued to take on increased leadership responsibilities within Ricoh Europe over the ensuing years.

“I am looking forward to taking on this new role. It is an exciting time in the industry, both for Xeikon and its customers. Under Wim’s leadership, the company was set on a solid path to the future, and I will be taking up the reins to continue his work, building even greater levels of customer intimacy, working to understand and address emerging customer needs in an ever-changing marketplace,” said Chatelard.

Wim Maes with Benoit Chatelard at Xeikon Cafe 2017's press conference.

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