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Toppan Printing is First HP Indigo Pack Ready Lamination Customer

At interpack 2017, HP announced Toppan Printing of Japan, a global supplier of packaging solutions, as the first customer beta site for the HP Indigo Pack Ready Lamination solution. The new HP Indigo Pack Ready Laminator, manufactured and supplied by Karlville, is scheduled to be installed this summer at Toppan’s facility in Japan.

HP Indigo Pack Ready Lamination is game-changing technology that allows for immediate time-to-market to convert HP Indigo digitally printed flexible packaging material into consumer packaging. The solution, which includes HP Indigo Pack Ready Laminator and Pack Ready Film, creates high-quality, high-performance laminates without the use of adhesives.

Toppan Printing is also conducting certification tests to become a licensed supplier of HP Indigo Pack Ready Film, enabling flexible packaging converters around the world access this state-of-the art lamination technology.

HP Indigo Pack Ready Lamination is designed for HP Indigo flexible packaging digital printing on the HP Indigo 20000, 8000 and WS6800 digital presses. It provides strong laminate bond strength with zero curing time for immediate pouch converting, opening new opportunities for digitally printed flexible packaging. At the HP stand, the commercial Pack Ready Laminator was being demonstrated for the first time for the production of digitally printed, laminated, on-demand pouches, using HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press printing, Pack Ready Film, and a form-fill-seal (FFS) machine. Optimized for usage with the HP Indigo 20000, Karville is to start shipping to customers by the end of the year.

Toppan Printing is also testing another Pack Ready solution, HP Indigo Pack Ready Coating, HP Indigo’s post-print coating solution for high-performance applications. Pack Ready Coating makes it possible to covert HP Indigo digital print to retort pouches, including clear retort using Toppan’s high barrier GL Film, produced by Toppan USA in Georgia, holding the top global market share.

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