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OneVision appoints new business development director for APAC

With his vast experience in the printing industry, Jason Chia strengthens the Asian Pacific subsidiary of German software manufacturer OneVision focusing on direct sales while building valuable partnerships with

resellers and reliable industry players.

OneVision Software Pte. Ltd., the Asian-Pacific subsidiary company of German printing and publishing software manufacturer OneVision Software, appointed Jason Chia, expert for business development for technically advanced equipment and digital solutions for the publishing, print & packaging industries, as new director for business development.

In his new role, Jason Chia is now responsible for all core business activities that help to further increase the market share of OneVision in Asia-Pacific. The areas of activity range from direct sales, to equipping and training the resellers and distributors in the region and to seek partnerships with global players with main focus on Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The responsibility for direct sales and customer care is shared between him and Tim Klappe, managing director of OneVision APAC.

With more than 25 years of engineering work and business management all across Asia Pacific, Chia has a deep knowledge of the printing and publishing industry paired with valuable cross cultural experience. He not only has a strong awareness towards the current customers’ needs but is also at the cutting edge to identify new trends and future industry challenges.

As general manager of JCS Digital Solutions Pte. Ltd., the digital company of the Times Publishing Group, Chia was responsible for the development of new products and services such as the web-to-print portal and cross media marketing services to open up a new business segment.

From his responsibility as regional business manager at Heidelberg Asia he knows the importance of hardware and software needing to be seamlessly integrated and interconnected in order to achieve best printing results. In addition to building up new partnerships with European companies and Taiwan OEM, he also coordinated the training and equipping of the sales forces with marketing tools for every new product launch.

“We are pleased to have Jason Chia onboard. I’m certain that with both, his long experience and his comprehensive know-how about the printing business and together with Tim Klappe, the managing director of the APAC sales subsidiary, he will be pushing things forward,” said Hussein Khalil, CEO of OneVision Software AG.

Jason Chia profits from his far-reaching expertise in direct sales as well as supporting resellers in certain markets: “One of the first things I want to do is to review the performance of our current resellers in the region and to appoint new ones where necessary so that we can offer a comprehensive network in Asia-Pacific to support our customers the best possible way. From my past experience in regional business, while direct sales is very important, it is essential to have the right resellers so that our products sell well with repeat customers. This comes with constant equipping and on site training of the resellers.”

Extending existing partnerships and building up new ones with global industry players in the Asian-Pacific region is another of Chia’s priority topics. This is important to achieve a bigger market share at a faster pace.

“Our colleagues from the German headquarters have done an excellent job by partnering with Canon Germany. I hope that we can replicate this success story and build up similar strong partnerships in Asia-Pacific," said Chia.

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