• Sha Jumari

Canon opens Customer Experience Center in Tokyo

The centre aims to accelerate growth of Canon’s commercial printing business.

The new Customer Experience Centre (CEC) is located within Canon’s Shimomaruko headquarters in Ohta-ward, Tokyo.

At the Tokyo CEC, customers will be able to experience Canon’s range of commercial printing products.

Demonstrations can be carried out using actual products and applications. Customers will be able to complete a print workflow at the CEC, including taking orders, to editing printing and print-processing, using their own print data and test paper.

Since the CEC is located within the grounds of Canon’s headquarters, customers can have recommendations on improving image quality through a print sample image-analysis service provided by the company’s onsite R&D department.

The CEC is part of Phase V of the Canon's Excellent Global Corporation Plan, which is a new five-year initiative that began in 2016 to establish commercial printing as a new pillar of growth for its business.

The CEC will mainly serve Japanese customers, and also those from around the Asian region. Canon already has a commercial printing showroom at its Singapore headquarters at Fusionopolis, but the Tokyo CEC promises to be a more immersive experience.

The floorspace of the showroom in Singapore is 398 sq metres, while Tokyo CEC stands at 1,354 sq metres. The showroom at Canon Singapore has a much smaller scale set-up and while it possesses a good representation of existing commercial printing products, it is catered to the region and does not carry the entire range.

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