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Konica Minolta Launches Accurio Brand in Asia

The new AccurioPress C2070 series will help differentiate the industrial range of presses from the company’s Office MFP line

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia (BSA), announces the regional launch of its first Accurio branded production printing system, the AccurioPress C2070 series. With the new Accurio brand, Konica Minolta hopes to continue to expand the future of professional printing through a comprehensive and fully modular group of digital printing technologies and solutions.

“The new brand Accurio helps differentiate from the Office MFP line and is a powerful total solution that promotes automation, improved efficiency and higher quality. As customer demands for new services and reduced costs continue to grow, printing businesses are embracing digital technology for solutions. Accurio is positioned to drive the next level of professional digital print,” said Jonathan Yeo, General Manager, Konica Minolta BSA.

The new series enable businesses to expand their offerings with increased versatility to handle different job requirements with reliability and efficiency. It offers superior performance and value with quality colour and offers real-time image density and colour density control sensors.

Key features of the AccurioPress C2070 series includes robust colour performance and banner printing functions, which are suitable for a wide range of products such as book jackets and tri-fold brochures to match different business needs. The new range of media options include thick paper printing up to 350 gsm, making it useful for creating packaging and promotional tools. The printer also features faster envelope printing speed, and is compatible with advanced controllers for faster processing speeds and maximised output.

Konica Minolta placed number two in Southeast Asia in 2016 with a 20% market share, as it continues to exhibit year-on-year growth.

“According to a third party report, we are number one in Indonesia and Vietnam, and number two in the Philippines and Malaysia. We see traction in countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as well, which are hotspots for digital print,” said Yeo.

Southeast Asia holds double digit growth for digital production printing: “We see great potential for Asia. There is a higher adoption rate for digital printing in this region, where it tends to be costly to maintain an offset machine, and buyers are looking into the shorter runs. Packaging is also an area of growth as well. As a customer-centric organisation, our new series aims to help digital print provider realise their business goals and shape their success,” Yeo continued.

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