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OneVision launches Workflow Management Suite Workspace 17.1

Highlights include a new Interact module to allow users to approve, edit or replace jobs upon visual control, a JavaScript module, and an extended user management.

OneVision’s latest release offers customers in the printing and media industry the option of interactively organising automated workflows. The new Interact module in Workspace Pro now provides support for workgroup-based procedures.

Interact users can operate as an “observer,” a “reviewer,” or an “editor” – depending on their role assignment – and are allowed to approve, edit or replace jobs within the workflow upon visual control. Jobs can be defined as interactive tasks with the help of the Interact module.

This allows problematic customer files to be exchanged for files optimised for the print process, or even optimised with locally installed programs, thus ensuring high printing data quality.

The extended user management feature makes production processes considerably more flexible and more efficient while conserving resources. Three new roles have been integrated into User Management with the expansion. Along with an Administrator and User, the workflow can now also be used by a Power User, as well as a Watcher and an Interact User. The new granular user management makes the workflow even safer and more systematic to organise.

With the newly integrated JavaScript module, completely new workflow requirements can be met based on the customer’s need, independent of existing programs and modules; for example, output folders can be generated based on days of the week, file name changes, or even timed workflows. Users define individual criteria as the basis for creating a rule based on Javascript. The JavaScript module runs Javascript code for this, which allows for better access to workspace metadata. An editor with pre-made code fragments in the module settings is available for creating scripts.

The new user management, expanded through additional user roles and the new Interact and JavaScript modules, makes OneVision’s automated workflow management system even more flexible and more secure.

Workspace 17.1 offers an optimised platform for molding, standardising, automating, and monitoring work processes in the pre-print stage and during image editing.

Printers, publishers of newspapers and magazines, reproduction studios, and agencies can put their trust in reliably generated printing data. All three of the new highlights are included in Workspace Pro. The extended user management is integrated into Workspace (included in Asura and Amendo).

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