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Flint Group launches XCURA EVO

Flint Group announces the global launch of its latest version UV LED process inks, XCURA EVO.

““EVO” is short for evolutionary. This signals a step change from our world renowned XCURA formulations which, for the past four years, have served our customers very well as an industry leader. XCURA EVO is our next generation offer to the UV LED and low energy sheetfed market, and we are very pleased to announce its global launch today,” said Trevor Amps, global product management director for energy curing inks.

“More and more sheetfed press manufacturers are heading their technology development with LED and low energy curing, and we see growing numbers of retro-fit conversions from lamp providers and OEMs as well,” added Amps. “Some of the main drivers encouraging commercial printers to switch to UV LED are improved efficiency, reduced energy costs and the ability to break into new markets. XCURA EVO helps to maximise all of these with its excellent flow characteristic, superb transfer and high gloss.”

Based on the new and unique energy curing “Platform Technology” that premiered in May 2017 with UltraCURA Sens Low Migration process inks and bases, XCURA EVO is created out of the new advanced resin technology system, which delivers increased stability and performance consistency.

Flint Group conducted field trials of the new inks and reported a number of improvements: “We tested EVO on all the main presses and many formats, straight and perfecting, with and without IPA, highest production speeds and quality standards and we drew critical comparisons against our existing products and all of our main competitors. The customers noted better gloss levels, exceptional colour strength and sharper dots. They also commented on much better stability, as production speeds increased, offering tangible efficiency benefits,” said Dario Zarantoniello, UV inks and coatings technical manager.

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