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manroland web store launches MARKET-X

The new Market-X is a trading platform that allows suppliers from the printing industry are to sell products through the manroland web STORE.

Web offset printing companies embrace manroland web systems’ completely renewed eCommerce offering. The online shop is now expanding to include a MARKET-X trading platform for numerous supplies.

The pilot stage for the new MARKET-X trading platform will start from August 2017.

The MARKET-X trading platform is a further development of the established manroland web STORE to offer customers of manroland web systems and others a much wider selection of products and services. To offer this added value to the customers, manroland web systems will connect more and more qualified suppliers to the future marketplace of the printing industry.

The first suppliers have already started to sell their products at the manroland web STORE.

“We are very happy to welcome considerable players from the printing industry. Together with a range of selected pilot customers we are at the testing phase at the moment. The manroland web STORE has been established very user-friendly and in close cooperation with our customers to implement all additional functions which are required in a B2B world. Having the customer in the main focus of all of our activities ensures ideal solutions. We are proud to provide the same high level of service for the additional MARKET-X products,” said Alexander Wachter, vice president of sales & service support for manroland.

Quality, performance, and availability - this is what print customers expect from manroland web systems’ spare and wear parts supply business. An offering that is able to go beyond the in-house service and cover all parts of the printing industry is important for the entire industry. manroland web systems will further work on new improvements and functions to offer the most modern shop for the industry.

“We consistently and intensively work on the implementation of further functionalities, on the constant optimisation of technical consultation and on increasing the product variety and offerings – as now seen even by suppliers. The main objective is to offer a modern, convenient and reliable one-stop shopping experience no matter from where in the world and available 24/7. That’s what I would like to call a MARKET-neXt Generation,” added Wachter.

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