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HP Leads the Digital Print Industry Transformation (Part 1)

HP Inc. continues to lead the acceleration of the analog-to-digital graphics printing transformation. Commercial digital page volume for HP’s customers are growing double digit, alongside accelerated adoption of its digital presses by leading print service providers worldwide as they grow businesses in a connected world.

Michael Boyle, General Manager, HP Inc. Graphics Solutions Business, Asia Pacific and Japan explained: “Brands across Asia Pacific and Japan need to engage their customers, reduce time to market, optimise supply chains, and deliver security solutions."

"HP continues to deliver innovative digital printing solutions that help brands meet these challenges, giving them a competitive edge on the crowded shelves, while also enhancing their profitability.”


Print Innovation Asia talks to Nick Price, Business Manager for HP PageWide Presses, to find out how HP is succeeding in the market.

Please update us on the company’s position in the industry.

HP Inc. have been developing digital printing solutions for decades and during that time have achieved and sustained dominant market share in Asia Pacific and across the globe.

While HP Indigo celebrate their 40th Birthday this year, HP PageWide Industrial (HP PWI) installed its very first high-speed inkjet press for packaging in Asia - so there is a very rich history and deep experience of digital printing across the business.

HP develops various digital printing technologies that cover a wide range of printing applications, from indoor and outdoor sign & display, textiles, labels, flexible, paper & board packaging, photo-books and general commercial printing.

HP have developed a large install base of digital presses in Asia and are leading the way in the digital transformation.

How has it been for the company over the last year?

This last year has been a very successful and exciting one for HP.

The HP Indigo business has continued to grow in the labels & packaging segment, with more innovative workflow solutions being introduced, from in-line finishing for labels and lamination solutions for flexible packaging.

A major milestone was also achieved with the region’s very first HP PageWide Web Press for paper and board packaging being installed for a customer in South Korea. The HP PageWide T400S press will produce up to 50 million metre square per annum on a web just over 1 metre wide. This South Korean customer produces high quality rice bags and paperboard packaging.

Being able to produce such a wide range of applications on a diverse range of substrates is creating demand with customers, which we see continuing in the coming years.

What is the company’s position on practicing sustainability?

Sustainability in Asia is finally moving from a concept to being a reality.

Digital printing in itself removes many of the offending chemicals and processes that lead to emissions and pollutants, such as platemaking and cylinder engraving. This is becoming one of the key drivers for digital printing in China and across Asia.

From the earliest stages, HP digital presses are designed with the environment in mind, taking into account the full product lifecycle, supply chain, and end of life. That is why HP presses are the right solution for print companies that are committed to maximizing the benefits of digital print for the environment, including reducing waste and power consumption per printed page.

Each and every HP Indigo press manufactured is provided with a Co2 neutral certificate.

What sets the company apart from the competition?

There are many differentiators but two key ones stand out.

The first is the sheer breadth of applications that can be produced on HP digital presses.

From narrow-web labels and sheet-fed premium folding cartons to the highest quality photo-books on HP Indigo, to the largest corrugated boxes and paper bags on HP PageWide Presses, the range and scale of applications cannot be matched by any other press manufacturer.

The second, and possibly the most important is the partnership approach that HP takes with printers and brand owners. Buying a press is just the beginning and HP understands that customer success goes far beyond just the press.

It’s a combination of service, support, training, production ramp-up and brand owner engagement that helps our customer’s path to success.

What are the company’s recent achievements in the digital print arena?

A significant achievement is the growing number of large global print and packaging players installing multiple HP digital presses at sites across the globe. This is a testament to the reliability and consistency of the technology and hardware. Whether it’s photobooks, labels, corrugated boxes or commercial books, we are seeing a significant growth of digital printing with the top players across all segments.

The largest HP digital press, the HP PageWide T1100S was recently installed at customer sites in UK, Italy, Germany and the US, and is setting the benchmark in terms of speed, quality and output capacity. Capable of printing up to 2.8 metres web width at speeds of 183 metres per minute, the T1100S has the largest capacity of any press available in the world today.

What are the company’s recent activities in Asia Pacific, and what can we look forward to?

In September 2017 HP co-hosted an Open House in South Korea to showcase the first high-speed inkjet packaging press to be installed in Asia. (Editor's Note: Watch this space for a full report on the Open House)

HP PageWide Inkjet Presses are capable of producing high quality, large volume print and packaging at high speed.

Nick Price at the Open House in South Korea


For the full story, read the latest issue of Print Innovation Asia.

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