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New Fujifilm Acuity printer launched to Asia

Fuji Xerox announces the availability of the new Fujifilm Acuity LED 3200R LED UV printer

Customers in Singapore were introduced to the 3200R printer at DocuWorld 2017, a bi-annual event organized by Fuji Xerox to share best practices with SMEs, corporates and managerial leaders on increasing workplace productivity.

Fuji Xerox collaborates with Fujifilm to sell its range of products in the Asia Pacific region. The Acuity LED 3200R printer (3200R printer) – which falls under Fujifilm’s Acuity series – is new to Fuji Xerox. The partnership would mean that customers in the Asia Pacific regiona will have easy access to a locally-based joint team of experts from Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox who are well-trained to consult in the operations of the 3200R printer.

The Acuity LED 3200R LED UV inkjet printer was first announced in drupa 2016, and leverages on the versatility of the Acuity LED 1600 range of printers. Compared to the Acuity LED 1600, the 3200R printer comes with double the print width — 3.2 metres — and increased print speeds of up to 110 m2/hr. Similar to the 1600 series, the 3200R printer utilises LED UV technology that requires less power and produces less heat than conventional UV curing and other processes.

“Users are able to achieve maximum production efficiency by printing on two rolls at the same time; be it the same or different jobs, nested images, duplicates or tiled images. This upgraded printer offers higher productivity and speed at an attractive price tag for a quick return on investment for our customers,” said Selena Sung, Senior Marketing Manager, Fuji Xerox Singapore.

The 3200R printer features up to seven ink options as standard (CMYK + light Cyan, light Magenta and White) and uses specially formulated Uvijet inks to reproduce an incredibly wide range of colours with smooth gradations. It is able to print on a wide range of display materials, even on specialist materials like polyester textiles and heat-sensitive media, due to no heat exposure during the LED UV curing process. The instant-curing UV inks grant multi-layer printing with ease. In addition, the 3200R printer is accompanied with a high-density mode for backlit applications.

“The 3200R printer is able to deliver superior image quality because it utilises Uvijet LF inks made by Fujifilm. These instant-curing UV inks are a special formulation that easily achieves layer printing such as: white-colour, colour-white-colour, colour-white etc. that regular printers using latex inks cannot offer,” said Sung.

Fuji Xerox is targeting the graphic communication companies that frequently produce exhibition displays, in-store displays signages particularly soft signages, backlit signs including fabrics, Point-Of-Purchase displays, window and floor graphics, standees and more.

“Typically, larger printing machines are required to produce the printed size that the 3200R printer delivers. Accordingly, the investments required for these machines are higher than that of our 3200R printer,” Sung added. “This high-productivity, yet value-for-money, large format printer will not only bring about significant savings in the long-run but also boost business productivity by reducing reliance on external parties.”

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