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Pack Print International 2017 records biggest turnout

The international packaging and printing exhibition for Asia logs largest visitor numbers of 17,452 from 59 countries since it began.

The sixth edition of Pack Print International welcomed a record-breaking 17,452 visitors from 59 countries this year from a wide range of end-user industries. Held at BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand, 300 exhibitors from 25 countries took part, alongside national pavilion groups from Germany, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and for the first time, Singapore.

“We’re very happy and proud that this show turned out to be as we’d hoped. When we first started the show six events ago, we aimed to be a truly regional printing and packaging show, and we are getting very close to this aim,” said Gernot Ringling, managing director, Messe Dusseldorf Asia.

The show reported a strong turnout by international visiting delegations from China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, and Vietnam as well as visits from 48 local printing and packaging groups.

“We had 23% foreign visitors, which was an increase from the 18% that visited the previous show in 2015. Most noteworthy was the increase in number of visitors from Malaysia, India, Myanmar and the Philippines. It feels good that we were able to deliver as promised,” Ringling continued.

This year’s visitor profile ranges from retail, creative agencies, labelling and corrugated packaging to various application sectors including cosmetics, food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals and multinational FMCG brands such as C.P. Intertrade, Merck, Siam Winery, Oishi, Dole, Reckitt Benckiser, Dutchmill, Friesland Campina, Ichitan, Malee, Taokaenoi, Osotspa, Monde Nissin, Nestle, Kao, Boncafé, among others.

As part of the trade show, concurrent conferences, seminars and forums were organized to provide insightful market information and trending developments in the industry. The sessions well-attended and led by field experts from international and local industry organisations, and paved the way for attendees to learn, network, gain industry insights and engage in topical discussions. A notable presentation was the SAVE FOOD Conference, ran by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

More Exhibitor Machinery

Holding the theme of packaging and printing 4.0, the exhibition floor included international brand names as well as some of the best local players. The trade fair was 25% bigger in size compared to its show in 2015, due to new exhibitors and increased booth spaces.

The largest booths were occupied by HP Inc and Heidelberg.

“We’re very happy that exhibitors really put in a lot of effort for this show, not just in booth building and design, but with the inclusion of machinery,” Ringling explained. “What was amazing about the show was the amount of working machines onsite. It’s always an uphill battle to move the exhibitions in Southeast Asia away from being a paper-and-poster show. This was echoed by the visitors who are amazed that there were a lot of machinery to test out.”

Successful machine and equipment sales were made during the four-day exhibition with companies such as Fujifilm, BPS United, Cyber SM, Wanjin Trading, Guangzhou Yue An Import & Export and Sansin. HP Inc. announced the sealing of six new deals in Thailand across its Indigo and Latex range, including the installations of the first 2 units of Indigo 20000 and 1 unit of Latex 3600 in Southeast Asia.

Key Trends: Packaging and Digitalisation

With a two-year frequency, the Pack Print International exhibition is modelled after drupa. Prominent trends at drupa 2016 were packaging and digitalisation, and this was continued at Pack Print International, as the “same players showed similar things from drupa at this Asian show.”

“Key trends include package design, package printing, digitalisation of package printing and digitalisation for smaller runs in general. Sheetfed is still there, but the trend is definitely moving towards digital,” added Ringling.

Thailand recently put forth its development plan, ‘Thailand 4.0’: “This came from ‘Industry 4.0’, which started as a megatrend at drupa. The trend relates back to automation and connectivity to every part of the production line, and Thailand has this out in their governmental framework and economic plan across all industries,” said Ringling.

To align with this, the full spectrum of the pack and print value chain came to life at Pack Print International 2017 with in-demand machinery and 4.0-driven solutions, together with Automation and Robotics pavilions.

“The upswing that we saw in drupa 2016 compared to drupa 2012, also continued on at Pack Print International. We were in the lower key in 2015, but we really came out with flying colours this time round, with a lot more happy faces,” said Ringling.

The upswing was credited to a renewed direction within the print and packaging industry: “The industry has become more trusting ins their own success and opportunities. In 2012, the industry globally didn’t know where they were heading. At drupa 2016, as key trends emerged, the industry saw that there was a way for them to gain new strengths and for the market to gaining traction again with new opportunities. The print and packaging saw that there is a way forward, and that this is what the industry needs to go towards.”

Tripartite Collaboration

The exhibition was in collaboration with The Thai Packaging Association and The Thai Printing Association. The two associations manned the newly introduced One Stop Pack & Print Pavilion, which showcased top packaging solutions and achievements by their members over the last two years. Those who were interested to find out more about the end-to-end of a packaging supply chain, funding opportunities, or regulations for packaging in a Thailand context are able to seek complementary consultancy advice from experts on deck at the pavilion.

“In this region, Thailand is thriving in packaging design. A majority of local companies were showing state-of-the-art packaging solutions in the Packaging Material section. There were no machinery in this segment, but the visitor pull was strong. There were a lot of impressive booths that displayed the most attractive and compelling packaging materials and solutions,” observed Ringling.

The event highlight was a signing of an extended Partnership Agreement between the three parties, which marks continued cooperation and enhanced editions of Pack Print International 2017. According to Ringling, the exhibition is an event for the industry by the industry; and the renewed partnership will see the next three editions expand even further.

The Next PPi

The next edition of Pack Print International will be held from 18 to 21 September 2019. Vendors that have already signed on for the 2019 edition include: Sansin Printing Machine Material (Thailand), Cyber SM, and Kurtz.

“For the next show, we are aiming for more new and mind-boggling machinery. We will be accommodating longer build-up times to enable exhibitors to bring in even more complicated machinery,” said Ringling.

“This year we saw high-quality visitors and noticeably higher demand across all the application sectors with many deals secured on the show floor. We saw very encouraging uptakes and will continue to fine tune this winning formula to reflect industry trends and demand,” Ringling concluded.

For more information on Pack Print International 2019, visit: www.pack-print.de

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