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Heng Yuan installs ORIS Flex Pack // Web

Guangzhou Heng Yuan Color Printing purchased the ORIS Flex Pack // Web to meet fast turnaround times and boost productivity at the prepress stage.

Established since 1993, Guangzhou Heng Yuan Color Printing Co Ltd (Heng Yuan) is a commercial publishing printer and packaging printing enterprise that combines innovation, design and production into one facility. As one of the top 100 printing companies in China, the Guangzhou-based Heng Yuan reported a revenue of 462 million RMB in 2016.

Heng Yuan specialises in packaging for food, daily chemical products and electronics. As quick turnarounds and multiple SKUs are becoming the norm within the industries, Heng Yuan found itself with new challenges.

The Need for Speed

“We looked into purchasing a new solution to solve our issue of on-press proofing, as design changes adversely affect productivity,” said Liao Wen, technical director of Guangzhou Heng Yuan Color Printing Co Ltd.

The company had a proofing system, however it had its limitations: “The UV inkjet printer was unable to satisfy our customers’ demand for printed effect and spot colour rendition. Our previous printer was also unable to meet the speed requirement for new product development,” added Liao.

In early 2017, Heng Yuan purchased the ORIS Flex Pack // Web system. The company took about six months to search for a system that fits their needs.

“Heng Yuan needed a digital proofing solution that can best meet their increased demand for quicker turnaround times, especially in the realm of packaging,” said Arthur Kwok, sales director for the Greater China area, CGS. “The Flex Pack // Web system is a unique packaging digital proofing and mockup solution that combines the simultaneous ability to proof on the mass printing substrate and reproduce brand colors precisely.”

The system consists of the Roland VersaCAMM VS-300i printer, powered by ORIS Flex Pack // Web software. Utilising CGS’ patented four-dimensional iterative colour management software, the solution, combined with a specially-designed custom interface for the Roland inkjet printer, can provide web-based hard copy and soft proofing in one package.

The ORIS Flex Pack // Web system has firmly established itself in the market when it comes to producing highly accurate packaging proofs and mock-ups. The unique solution leverages on specially developed XG inks, a broad media portfolio and the ability to print on almost any printing substrate, to produce even the most demanding packaging proofing needs.

Colour and Brand Reinforcement

With a fleet of Heidelberg and KBA press in their facilities, the company needed a proofing solution that can best match with their offset machines. Flex Pack // Web allows the same colour precision for mock-ups and proofs.

“ORIS Flex Pack//Web possesses the quality we can expect from offset, with the wide gamut to simulate most brand colours. We are armed to better serve our clients in terms of product development and prepress design, effectively reducing on-press proofing and remaking of plates upon changes,” said Liao.

“We considered another UV printing solution with the Roland Versa LEC330. We settled with the VSi300 in the Flex Pack // Web system because it gave us proofs that more closely simulate the offset printed sheet, and the brand colours are accurate,” added Liao.

The company decided on the Flex Pack // Web over other solutions in the market due to CGS transfer film and inks being comparatively lower in costs. On top of that, the ORIS transfer media can be printed upon and then transferred to any substrate common in packaging, including metal. The Roland system can also print directly onto media without coating, and there is availability of post-print finishing effects, such as deep-drawn and molded.

With the addition of the Flex Pack // Web system, Heng Yuan experienced a boost in standing: “We’re now able to meet with fast turnaround time, which immediately places us at a stronger position to assist clients in creating new designs and shortening time to market.”

Moving forward, the company plans to add digital facilities that create post-print effects to complement the current VSi solvent solution.

“ORIS Flex Pack//Web is stable and reliable. It is a rare offer in the market today that is capable of high precision digital proofing for printers to better serve brand clients in the areas of new product development, while at the bottom-line costs and time are reduced. On top of that, the team from CGS is always professional and passionate about their high quality products,” Liao concluded.

“As we grow and expand our reach in Asia, we also understand better what customers need. CGS constantly work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop products that fit with industry growth,” said Christoph Thommessen, senior sales director for Asia Pacific, CGS.

Award Winners

The installation of the ORIS Flex Pack // Web has allowed Heng Yuan to remain one of the most competitive printing companies in Guangdong. The 800-strong company has garnered plenty of awards under its belt, including the silver medal in the the 5th China Printing Contest and Star of Guangdong Design Graphic Arts Golden Award in 2014.

“In 2016, we became a country-level, Hi-New-Tech Enterprise and the best employer of the printing industry. In 2017, we were invited to be part of the China Printing Standard Committee for two parameters,” added Liao.

The company has a variety of certifications under its belt, including WCA, Idealliance G7, Masrer, FSC, Green Printing and SA 8000. On top of that, the company has accumulated ISO certifications including ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 9001:2008.

Listed by the Chinese government as a model enterprise for printing, Heng Yuan is the practical campus of universities such as South China Polytechnic, Beijing Printing Institute and Wuhan University.

“We place strong emphasis in education. We are always keeping up with scientific development and constantly participate in domestic and international knowledge exchanges,” said Liao. “Besides CGS, we also work closely together with experts from Heidelberg, Bobst, MK, Esko, Fujifilm, Kurz, Merck, Terra to present to the students.”

This article was first published on the December 2017 issue of Print Innovation Asia.

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