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Fuji Xerox launches first White Dry Ink

The new white dry ink expands expanding the range of applications of the Xerox® iGen® 5 150 Press, by enabling printing on dark-coloured/transparent paper.

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd recently released its first white dry ink for the optional fifth print station of Xerox® iGen® 5 150 Press—the com pany’s flagship model targeting the colour production market.

The White Dry Ink is available in China and other Asia Pacific markets to provide customers in the graphic communications industry with a wider range of printing applications.

The newly launched White Dry Ink can be printed on top of as well as under the cyan-magenta-yellow-key (CMYK) toner layer, which will expand the printing scope in the region.

By using the White Dry Ink together with dark-coloured or transparent paper via digital printing, users can now create catalogues, direct mails, postcards, packages and other marketing collateral with a sense of luxury and creativity, thereby increasing the marketing effectiveness and appeal of the printed products.

The White Dry Ink will enable specialty enhancements such as: a snowflake with textured details on a postcard, a book cover with a white horse on a dark stock with vivid hues, or an advertisement with white text that pops on a vinyl window cling.

“We are delighted to provide the graphic communications industry with our White Dry Ink, as the addition of this new optional toner will give our customers the flexibility to diversify their existing range of print services,” said Steve Ford, general manager, production sales and marketing, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific.

“This new fifth toner is a product of our commitment to expand the services we offer to our clients in the graphic communications business and their customers, and our investment in research and technology to develop operational-efficient products.”

Technologies that support the brightness and opacity of the White Dry Ink

  • To achieve brightness and opacity in a single-pass print, the company adopted the EA toner which allows the toner size and shape to be uniform and consistent, while increasing the amount of white pigment to raise the concentration of the toner.

  • The automated multi-pass printing automatically overlaps two layers of white without ejecting the paper, providing higher brightness and opacity.

Key features of the White Dry Ink

  • The White Dry Ink can be printed on top of the CMYK layer for vivid colour printing on transparent films.

  • The White Dry Ink can also be printed under the CMYK layer for printing on dark-coloured paper.

Automation further improves the product’s operation rate

The automation functions – such as the Auto Density Control and Inline Spectrophotometer for making adjustments to colour quality and calibration respectively – adopted from the conventional Xerox® iGen® 4 Press model to help reduce the need for operators to intervene during the printing process.

The automation functions also help to maintain the colour quality of printed products automatically and continuously, improving overall operational efficiency for Fuji Xerox’s graphic communications customers. These functions contribute to the product’s print operation rate of 85% – the highest among the other models in the same class.

The fifth optional toner can be replaced easily by customers without the help of product engineers and technicians, enabling seamless printing operations. The print operation rate of the Xerox® iGen® 5 150 Press has been further enhanced with system improvements to shorten the time required to replace the fifth colour toner by up to seven minutes.

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