• Sha Jumari

Fuji Xerox rolls out workshops to foster market education

The Learning Series for Smart Businesses workshops is a collaboration between Print & Media Association Singapore (PMAS) and Fuji Xerox Singapore.

The Learning Series for Smart Businesses consists of four half-day workshops that will be spread out over 2018. Co-organised with PMAS, the first session of the year shared best practices, insights, as well as technologies that are associated with brand strategy and design.

The workshops are part of Fuji Xerox Singapore’s efforts to encourage market education within the print ecosystem. In attendance at the workshop were print service providers and marketers in Singapore.

Leading the seminar first was Andy Xu, founder and brand strategist for Singaporean agency, Three Collective. The interactive brand experience workshop provided insight to branding strategies and how to define brand identity and purpose.

Three Collective is a marketing partner with Fuji Xerox. Part of their upcoming initiatives include rebranding projects for customers of the new Fuji Xerox Iridesse press, iSucess and Khoo Sun Printing.

The second part of the seminar was taken over by Fuji Xerox Singapore’s Alex Kwok, innovation specialist, and Kenny Chin, colour analyst. The two experts opened their session presenting on digital print technology and how it can add value to the final print product.

The session focused on best practices that designers can adopt to craft collaterals that leverage on the strengths of digital print technology. Some of the topics covered include choosing stock type, setting the best colour profiles and design considerations in the Indesign stage.

For future workshops, prospective parties can register through each event’s website listing, which is expected to go live online a month before the event.

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