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Xeikon chronicles history of print to celebrates 30th anniversary

Educational Triple X blog series chronicles 25 years of digital colour printing

Xeikon marks 30 years since its founding with a series of educational blogs chronicling the history of digital printing. The series, dubbed Triple-X, will be authored by industry experts Laurel Brunner and Ed Boogaard and will run between now and November, when Xeikon will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

“The year 2018 marks an important milestone in the history of digital printing. It has been 30 years since Xeikon, one of the earliest pioneers of the direct digital colour press, was founded,” Brunner said. "We hope it will be beneficial to those who are relatively new to the industry, and a walk down memory lane for veterans who have been around for a while.”

“It’s quite special to be part of Xeikon, a company that was a key player in giving birth to the era of full-colour digital printing and a company that continues to innovate as digital printing evolves,” said Danny Mertens, corporate communications manager for Xeikon.

“Of course, none of this would have been possible without the knowledge, expertise and dedication of our talented employees. We had the right people in the right place at the right time – and still do. This 30-year anniversary is the perfect time for a shout-out to all of the Xeikon family that made this achievement possible.”

The Triple-X series begins with a discussion of the desktop publishing revolution and how that led to the birth of full-colour digital printing.

“In addition to strolling down memory lane, we also invite readers to sharing their stories, successes and expectations, and to join us in celebrating the present while exploring the roads to the future of print as well,” said Boogaard.

The Xeikon XXX blog series can be found at Readers can subscribe to the blog to ensure notification as each new segment is published.


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