• Sha Jumari

EFI to focus on Asia Pacific growth in 2018

At the recently concluded Connect, Sha Jumari catches up with Andy Yarrow, EFI's director for Asia Pacific, for a quick preview on the company's plans to grow the region in 2018.

“Connect 2018 was a huge success for EFI Asia Pacific,” said Andy Yarrow, director for Asia Pacific. He added that the event received the highest number of visitors from the region thus far.

“It shows not only a great commitment that these fantastic companies make to EFI as an organisation, but a growing acceptance of what we have to offer the industry,” Yarrow continued.

“Customers in the region are beginning to join up the dots and realise that EFI is not just VUTEk, or Fiery, or software. It’s the realisation that EFI in 2018 is so much more than that, and it’s the message of the EFI Ecosystem that is gaining momentum.”

At the close of 2017, EFI reported sales of $135.7m in the APAC region – up 3.3% from 2016 figures. The regional upturn is largely attributed to market growth in Australia and Japan.

“Some important markets in Southeast Asia were soft, such as in Thailand due to the mourning of the King, which effectively stopped billboards from being printed for a year or so,” said Yarrow.

For the coming year, EFI has plans to grow its footprint in Asia Pacific. The company has made significant investments to its marketing, software and inkjet team in Australia and New Zealand.

“We’ve also brought talented individuals into Indonesia and Japan. We are actively looking to add to the team in Southeast Asia to focus on the growing industrial print segments such as corrugated, textiles and ceramics,” added Yarrow.

“The fact is, whilst we grew, we could always do better and that’s absolutely my number one focus. Ensuring that we are absolutely focused on driving growth and telling the industry about all the great things EFI has to offer,” said Yarrow.

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