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Manroland launches new packaging press

The Varioman is a web offset press for flexible packaging printing

Manroland web systems introduces Varioman, a newly designed packaging printing pres. The offset-gravure hybrid press produces printed films and offers system integration, service- and maintenance packages.

The press already has a first customer. The first system will start production for an international packing printer beginning of 2018. The press is designed as a hybrid press with offset and gravure printing units for flexible packaging printing and associated with a life-time service contract that ensures a consistent high performance of the press.

“With the Varioman, we want to provide a new production system to our customers – at the first configuration level for flexible packaging printing,” said Alexander Wassermann, managing director of manroland web systems.

“The market asks for press systems that meet the demands for brand differentiation, enhanced comfort and additional packaging sizes. Therefore, we have developed the Varioman.”

The Varioman combines the latest technology with high substrate- and production flexibility and process integration. It is able to print films and paper with high grammages. The variable sleeve offset printing units are the base in circumference and width. They can be individually designed for printing films and combined with several other components.

The combination of variable sleeve offset printing units, a corona treatment, EB- or UV-drying and gravure printing units with dryers, different films can be printed in high quality and variability.

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