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Capitol Gravure launches decorative rollers for Southeast Asia

The decorative rollers will target the wallpaper, home décor and furnishing industries in the regions.

Capitol Gravure announced the debut of decorative roller production for the Southeast Asian region. With the service offering, the company aims to target the wallpaper, home décor and furnishing industries.

“We hope to use our expertise in gravure printing to produce quality decorative rollers for the closer regional markets in Southeast Asia,” said Daniel Kuah, sales and marketing manager for Capitol Gravure.

Established since 1969, Capitol Gravure specializes in producing premium quality printing rollers for clients in the region, namely for cigarette packaging. For the past year, the Singaporean company has branched out to produce gravure decorative rollers for the Japan and China markets.

“For many years, our core business is in Roto-Gravure printing cylinders and Embossing Cylinders engineering. We added the decorative roller production into our catalogue of services and to further expand our capability to serve, not only the print and packaging industry, but also the decorative and fittings industry.” said Kuah.

Decorative Rollers production are dominated by China-based companies due to competitive pricing. Having producing decorative rollers for selected Japanese clienteles for over a year now and achieving a healthy quality reputation, Capitol Gravure has now decided to introduce it to the closer regions.

“We felt that it is the right time to launch this for the Southeast Asian market now because there’s a demand. Specifically, we want to target the Vietnamese and Thai markets which are seeing an increased demand in decorative embossing rollers,” added Kuah.

The company’s main selling point is that its factory is much closer geographically. The 12000 sq/ft facility is located in Malaysia and caters solely to producing decorative rollers. This meant that companies within the region are able to have much shorter lead times for decorative roller production.

“Decorative rollers typically require long lead times due to the intricate details of the designs. On top of that, there is a proofing process for the clients, which adds on even more to the long lead times,” said Kuah. “Having our factory within Southeast Asia can drastically cut down on the turnaround times.”

Wall Paper Manufacturers uses the decorative rollers, with the intricate patterns etched on them, to emboss on the substrate to produce the desired texture, and subsequently, coloring and protective coating are added onto the substrate for the finished product.

Besides printing wallpapers, the decorative rollers can also be used for creating embossed effects and textures on substrate. An example would be to emulate a natural leather look as furniture or vehicle interior covering.

“Due to the high-end laser engravers and etching technology we possess, it has been exciting for us to be producing very unique, delicate and sophisticated designs that our clients demand,” said Kuah. "Capitol Gravure is always ready to serve."

For further information on Capitol Gravure and its new decorative rollers, visit

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