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EFI debuts VUTEk 5R to Chinese market

EFI showcased the most technically advanced LED roll-to-roll printer on the market for the first time in the region at the Shanghai International Ad and Sign Tech Expo.

Visitors to the expo were the first in China to see the EFI VUTEk 5r, a 5-metre wide roll-to-roll LED inkjet printer.

The printer is part of an EFI exhibit at the tradeshow that also includes advanced EFI VUTEk hybrid roll/flatbed LED, new EFI MarketDirect cross media customer engagement software, and a virtual reality (VR) experience, for the company’s technologies.

The new VUTEk 5r model provides customers with a large range of options to offer a low total cost of ownership. Some of its features include a maxed-out speed and quality with throughput up to 460m2 per hour; superb transitions, vignettes, skin tones and shadows; and a powerful LED curing technology that can provide cost-saving and sustainability benefits.

EFI customer, Mikio Hino, general manager at Photobition Japan, said the five-metre wide LED printer has been a game changer for his business: “EFI’s VUTEk 5r has taken our printing to the next level. Our decision making was based on the 5r’s print quality, productivity and ease of operation. Even at close inspection, we are impressed by the high quality, and our customers are impressed too.”

“China is an exciting market and one we are thrilled to be a part of, bringing leading-edge technology to customers looking for the best ways to advance their businesses,” said Bing Wang, EFI Greater China director.

“As Chinese printers continue to push the boundaries in the printing space we are keen to showcase our new technology and our complete ecosystem of products.”

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