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Truly ink-free printing gets €1 Million

The inkless printing technology raised € 1 Million for black and white printing without cartridges.

Inkless has raised a sum of 1 million euro’s in its latest investment round. The investment was made by a group of angel investors. Still at its beginning stages, the company hopes to make the technology “development-ready” with the investment.

The company claims that it is able to produce black and white printing without the use of ink cartridges, special paper or other consumables. Instead of ink or toner, the inkless technology uses laser to burn the surface of the media to create the print.

Inkless wants to launch the first printer in the packaging and labelling space. “The printing of barcodes, shelf life data and product codes on packages and on the labels will form the ideal market for us to start in,” said Arnaud van der Veen, co-founder/CEO of Inkless.

“This is because this market is currently being dominated by black-white printing and also because this market will highly profit from the growth of online retail.”

A similar technology that exists in the packaging space is DataLase, which uses laser-reactive colour change technology. Although this technology cuts back on the amount of inks used as compared to conventional methods, it still requires coating as a consumable. Unlike Inkless technology, DataLase can ‘print’ colour.


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