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Koenig & Bauer introduces measurement and control technology for sheetfed offset presses

The new QualiTronic NextGeneration presents one basic system for multiple quality control functions.

With QualiTronic NextGeneration, Koenig & Bauer is launching a revolutionary package of innovations for its inline measuring systems on Rapida sheetfed offset presses.

QualiTronic NextGeneration provides a foundation for the restructuring of all inline measurement functions and a platform for further developments in the future. As already successfully implemented with regard to mechanical press components and software, a modular principle enables identical system hardware to be used for a variety of applications.

Users can now combine QualiTronic ColorControl (inline colour measurement and control) with QualiTronic PrintCheck (production monitoring) or QualiTronic PDFCheck (sheet inspection and PDF comparison), without needing to worry about the hardware configuration.

QualiTronic NextGeneration – One basic system

The fundamental benefit of using the same hardware to accomplish several tasks, compared to two or more separate systems, is that it is only necessary to invest in one basic system. Subsequently, there is only one system to be maintained.

Typically, installation space available on the press is limited. If a colour measuring system is installed in a particular printing unit, for example, it is not possible to integrate an additional inspection system. With QualiTronic NextGeneration, the configuration limitations which are unavoidable when using several separate systems have been overcome. The QualiTronic NextGeneration hardware can be installed at any position on the press. Colour measurement and inspection can thus both be implemented at the same location.

QualiTronic NextGeneration also introduces a completely new operating concept. The majority of the input forms and displays can be found at the same place as for all other functions of the press – directly on the touchscreen monitor of the ErgoTronic console. Through optimising the layout of the operating elements and significantly reducing the number of operating steps required to achieve a given task, work on the press has become even more intuitive.

Positive effects reported by users include considerably reduced training and familiarisation periods, the exclusion of operating errors, and the user-friendly visualisation of measured values. Important functions and displays can be called up with just two taps on the touchscreen monitor. Simple and clear graphic elements, in conjunction with an absolute minimum of text, facilitate fast and reliable operation.

Some major innovations that the system offers include QualiTronic ColorControl, PrintCheck, PDFCheck. A series of new comprehensive report functions and options are also now offered.

QualiTronic ColorControl, for example, can be expanded with the following functions: Various colour measurement reports, inline register measurement and control, and measurement using significantly narrower colour bars; in medium format, the minimum height for the colour bars is just 3 mm. QualiTronic PDFCheck can be expanded with SheetIdent for sheet numbering, or the new PileView function to enable virtual assessment of the good and waste sheets within a printed pile.

The whole range of measuring and control systems can be ordered and supplied with immediate effect.

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