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How to produce an award-winning digital print

PIXI Awards 2017 attracted a stellar range of digitally-printed entries. Aimed at recognizing innovation and excellence in work from users of Fuji Xerox solutions across the region, PIXI Awards 2017 saw a total of 236 entries from 26 categories. 45 awards were meted out in total to printers from countries including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Print Innovation Asia speaks with some of the winners of PIXI Awards 2017 to find out what goes into producing a good digitally printed product.


Yeolim C&P

Category: Inkjet-Book Printing

Press: Fuji Xerox® 1400 and Xerox® iGen® 150 Press

Yeolim C&P is a Korean company that first established itself in the quick print market in 2009 with a Xerox 4112. Within the last 10 years, the company has been steadily collaborating with Fuji Xerox Korea to grow its business. Yeolim C&P were able to expand its business areas to not only offer quick printing, but also commercial printing. The company only uses Fuji Xerox’s solutions in its printing operations.

1. What are your thoughts and feelings on winning the PIXI awards?

It is indeed an honor to win the PIXI awards. It is especially meaningful to us that the product printed by Fuji Xerox® 1400 won us the award, which we only started using six months ago. The product is priced reasonably and produces great quality, hence the increasing demand for it in the market.

2. Tell me more about your winning product.

The product is a Chinese language textbook. The inner pages were print by an Fuji Xerox® 1400 printer, while the book cover was printed by the Xerox® iGen® 150 Press.

The client requested for a high quality textbook. We set out aiming to achieve the high quality while maintain low cost efficiency and had tried several methods. We finally settled on using the Fuji Xerox® 1400 as it could best get us the results we were looking for while meeting our requirements.

3. What were your challenges in producing your winning product?

Initially, we were concerned about the quality of the inner pages and we had considered the Xerox® iGen® 150 Press for the job. In the end, we went with the Fuji Xerox® 1400 printer for the inner pages as it helped bring down our costs greatly while still achieving the high quality we needed.


Pronto Direct Pty Ltd

Category: Brochures

Press: Xerox® iGen® 150 Press

Pronto Direct Pty Ltd is based in Gold Coast Australia. For over 25 years, the company has been experts in the printing and direct mail industry, offering a wide range of solutions to help consumers create a personalized customer experience. Pronto Direct specialises in full campaign planning, graphic design, variable data printing, customer data management, mailing lists, bulk mail lodgment and even order processing. The company also provides one-off projects including booklets, brochures, posters, banners, signs, stickers, flyers, small packaging and business cards.

The company has a total of two Xerox® iGen® 150 presses in its arsenal, as well as a 1000i and a Versant 80. In addition to winning the Brochures category, Pronto Direct also won first place for Catalogues and second place for its entry for the 5th Colour Awards category.

1. What are your thoughts and feelings on winning the PIXI awards?

The PIXI Awards is a great opportunity for us to showcase some of our work as it demonstrates our capabilities to our customers. It is also a great reward for our design and production staff, and a testament to their skills.

2. Tell me more about your winning product.

The “Sales Brochure” for Norwell Motorplex, was aimed at accurately showcasing their service offering in a brochure that could be either be used as a sales presentation face-to-face, or mailed to people on request. It had to be strong enough in the content department and at the same time, had to be self-explanatory to motivate the prospective customer to book an event. We used the Xerox® iGen® 150 Press for printing.

The customer was very proud of their business and wanted to display their professionalism. As such, they requested for a classy looking product that is easy to handle during sales presentation as well as mail out. At the same time, it needs to accurately showcase their service offering and to help drive their sales.

3. What were your challenges in producing your winning product?

After turning the concept into design, the biggest challenge was in achieving a smooth and consistent color in RED and BLACK, so substrate selection and machine preparation were key to our success. After printing, the cover was gloss laminated to enhance the image. We pre-creased the cover and pages on a Touchline machine and saddle-stitched prior to guillotining.



Category: 5th Colour Awards

Press: Xerox® iGen® 5 Press and the Fuji Xerox® C1000i

Kiwi company, Orangebox, is a business that delivers direct marketing communications services. The business was formed in 2003 by the two current directors, Thomas Subritzky and Stephen Bennett, with a vision to create a mail house with a difference. They saw a gap in the market for a service offering that was ‘yes’-oriented and accommodated speed, flexibility, agility, innovation along with the creation of a more partnership-oriented relationship with clients.

In over a decade of business, the company has experienced rapid growth to now have two sites nationally in Auckland and Wellington. With over 50 employees, the company has a comprehensive service offering including end-to-end campaign management, variable data services, digital print, mail processing, fulfilment, email through to web solutions.

The company also won 2nd place for its entry in the ‘Magazines’ category.

1. What are your thoughts and feelings on winning the PIXI awards?

Orangebox is immensely proud of this global recognition on the worldwide stage with our win at the PIXI Awards. We have a very passionate and highly talented team who focus on excellence throughout the print process and as New Zealand’s most awarded mailhouse at ‘Pride in Print (New Zealand)’, we believe this award further demonstrates our skills and abilities to produce award-winning campaigns.

2. Tell me more about your winning product.

This was a highly creative and targeted self-promotion direct mailer (DM) sent to 215 High Value prospects who had recently attended the NZ Marketing Summit, where Orangebox was a sponsor. We wanted to use this opportunity to demonstrate our creativity by producing a unique and premium DM concept using our brand to showcase our print quality and our point of difference.

Our overall objective was to raise further awareness of our company and our services, and invite recipients to meet and discuss potential opportunities to work together. The creative concept tied into one of the key presentations at the Summit by the CEO of LEGO and our goal was to reinforce key themes and messages, as they related to our company and services.

We also wanted to showcase our creative approach and demonstrate printing excellence and innovation, by utilising the very latest in digital print technology from Fuji Xerox, with the Xerox® iGen® 5 and Fuji Xerox® C1000i presses. The Orangebox internal design team created all associated artwork for the DM concept, including box concept and die-line, personalised letter and social media card, utilising a tailored hashtag - #buildingadventures.

Using XMPIE, Illustrator and InDesign, personalisation included name, address, and signatory change outs depending on geographical location of the recipient (Auckland GM signatory for Northern based recipients, Wellington GM signatory for central and southern.)

3. What were your challenges in producing your winning product?

There were some challenges with producing this personalised and highly creative DM concept as, theoretically, it is virtually impossible to run through both printing presses in the way we did. This is due to the Xerox® iGen® 5 and Fuji Xerox® C1000i presses having totally different fusing systems.

We ran the first pass through the Fuji Xerox® C1000i press, then proceeding to the second pass on the Xerox® iGen® 5 press. Our operators had to be extremely diligent with checking print output and registration to ensure absolute accuracy.

The box was printed in two passes on both the Xerox® iGen® 5 and the Fuji Xerox® C1000i, utilising the 5th station spot colour on each machine. This in itself was a very challenging process as our digital print team had to monitor registration very carefully through both separate press-passes to ensure quality output throughout.

Pantone Gold 871c and the Pantone Orange 021c were printed throughout with the inside of the box Gold and black, and the rest of the box was flooded with a Pantone Orange Lego inspired baseplate. These were printed 1-up on SRA3 300gsm Silk Matt paperstock.

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