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Cebu packaging company purchases first K5 VISION in Southeast Asia

Cebu Sherilin brings metallization in-house with the purchase of the first ever vacuum metallizer, the BOBST K5 VISION, in the region.

Based in Cebu, Philippines, Cebu Sherilin Trading Corporation – Flexible Packaging Division, has purchased its first ever vacuum metallizer, a BOBST K5 VISION 2450mm which is the first of its kind in SE Asia.

Cebu Sherilin is a family-run, multi-divisional packaging product manufacturer which supplies to some of the biggest multinational companies in the Philippines.

Historically the company has imported metallized film to be used in food packaging applications but due to an increasing demand for metallized film products and for efficiency and cost saving measures, Cebu Sherilin decided to bring metallization in-house and invest in its first vacuum metallizing machine.

Compact vacuum metallizer

The K5 VISION is a compact machine which has the smallest footprint in the industry and is ideal for flexible packaging converters as it can handle a wide variety of substrates including heat sensitive and thin gauge films.

The innovative vacuum metallizer incorporates a Ø600mm drum and provides the largest coating window in the industry and increases aluminium collection efficiency by up to 16%.

Being new to the industry of vacuum metallizing, Cebu Sherilin opted to purchase a machine from a supplier who are specialists in the field. BOBST has a team of experienced engineers and technical specialists who are equipped with knowledge and experience in the vacuum metallizing process. Cebu Sherilin has been impressed with both the process know-how BOBST has and also the design innovations and speed of the new K5 VISION model and decided that BOBST is the best company to work with for their entry into metallizing.

“We have recently had our K5 VISION installed in our factory and are very pleased with it; it is the newest and fastest metallizer in the Philippines and we are very proud of it,” said Richard Mercado, president of Cebu Sherilin Trading Corporation.

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