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School book printer brings ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION to Indonesia

The first ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION in Indonesia will be shortly installed at Nusantara Printing, one of the most successful printers in the Southeast Asian country.

In a short nine-year span, Nusantara has acquired no less than four new presses from Manroland Sheetfed. This is proof of the company's steady business growth and its faith in the efficiency and reliability of ROLAND presses.

“Our commitment to high quality means that we only use the latest printing technology from Germany,” said Jamil Kastoyo, Nusantara's president director.

Embracing technology is one of the reasons for Nusantara's continued success despite a slump in the commercial printing industry in Indonesia.

Established in 1976, Nusantara initially used 1 color ROLAND REKORD presses. Relying on dependable ROLAND 700 sheetfed presses, today Nusantara Printing has grown into one of the most respected names in the industry. It provides customers with the best commercial offset printing solutions, starting from the initial consultation to printing, and on to finishing and packaging. School books make up 60% of Nusantara's job orders, with novels comprising 30% and the rest made up of magazines, brochures, calendars and other commercial products.

In order to boost interest in reading among Indonesians, which is one of the company’s missions, Nusantara makes use of advanced printing technologies from Manroland. These enable Nusantara to publish books with appealing print effects, like embossing, deboss, lamination, UV coating and varnish.

According to Kastoyo, the company's main focus is to provide premium services to their customers for quality and on-time delivery. With their specialization in printing school books, Nusantara is directly supporting the Indonesian government’s education program. Typical short run jobs have an average run length of around 5000 sheets.

“With the highly automated ROLAND 704 EVOLUTION, we can now triple our output over the same period. Therefore we can increase profit and accept more job orders,” Kastoyo explained.

"Productivity is significantly increased thanks to the IntegrationPilot 2.0 that comes with ROLAND EVOLUTION. In addition, “the demanding requirements of print quality on the reverse can be easily met thanks to OptiPrint jacket technology."

Nusantara executives have always been "very satisfied with the performance of the ROLAND 700 in terms of register and color stability. The solid color print quality of ROLAND 700 is unbeatable," Kastoyo added.

Nusantara has always been impressed with Manroland Sheetfed's customer support and close partnership through the years.

"The team of Manroland Indonesia is very cooperative and knowledgeable," said Katsoyo. "They keep me updated on the latest printing technology that can increase our efficiency and productivity. Their reliable after-sales service and quick response - with the help of well-trained engineers - keeps downtime to a minimum."


First published in the June 2018 issue of Print Innovation Asia.

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