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Khoo Sun realises vision with Fuji Xerox Iridesse

The Fuji Xerox Iridesse Production Press is a technologically-advanced solution that brings unprecedented power of expression to digital printing, with the assurance of quick turnaround at a lower cost.

Singapore company Khoo Sun Printing Pte. Ltd. has been providing quality print-on-demand design and printing services for over two decades. Founded in 1989 by managing director Mr. Khoo Kok Nam, the company had a humble beginning with a sole single-colour offset press machine. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly and today, offers a full-range of services for a wide variety of products from box packaging to office collaterals, name cards and stickers, with a staff of over 30 employees.

All services, from artwork to printing, binding, hot-stamping and packaging are completed in-house. The company prides itself on its quick turn-around time and customized solutions to solve clients’ problems.


In today’s business climate, run lengths and turnarounds have been getting increasingly shorter. To remain competitive, printing companies have to secure ways to go from producing a small number of large jobs per day, to a large number of small jobs per day. On top of that, customers are constantly looking for new ways to stand out – from new communications that increase response rates, to full-colour customised packaging.

The issues faced by Khoo Sun Printing hindered the company’s capacity to keep up with the demands of this new landscape and break into new markets. Firstly, the technology the company was utilizing did not have the capabilities of printing in white or in vibrant metallic colours. To print in white, the company’s only option was to use a UV printer which required a minimum quantity for the process to be economically viable. Likewise, metallic colours could only be achieved using offset technology which resulted in the same issues.

This resulted in massive missed revenue opportunities. This was compounded by the fact that the company was unable to print long-sized applications like banner printing which led to further missed opportunities to attract new customers, and satisfy its existing customer base.


Khoo Sun Printing found the perfect solution with Fuji Xerox’s Iridesse Production Press, a cutting-edge technology in digital printing. Using a six-colour print engine and specialty dry ink, the technology enables specialty colour applications such as white and metallic, quickly and easily. The result is a massive increase in capabilities, and new possibilities of design expression.

“Installing Iridesse into our system was a definite gamechanger for the business. Thanks to Fuji Xerox, we’ve found a partner who understands our goals, and has provided us with a powerful solution in digital printing to help us achieve our objectives,” said Mr Khoo.

Iridesse Production Press also allows for speedy and stable provision of a variety of printing. It empowers with industry-leading flexibility, supporting lightweight and heavyweight stocks from 52-400 GSM, and a variety of paper sizes including postcards and banners with a variety of in-line finishes.


Implementing Iridesse Production Press into Khoo Sun Printing’s system meant a positive change in the company’s ability to meet market demands – quickly, easily, and at a lower cost.

With Iridesse, the company is now able to print white and metallic colours on demand for as low as a single sheet, while saving at least 15% less time; whereas before, using offset or wide format printers took a longer time and required a minimum volume. Iridesse also enables the company to incorporate personalisation such as bar codes and contact details onto the white or metallic application, an option not available with its previous system.

With the ability to print white and metallic colours, as well as the capabilities to print long-sized applications, the company was able to generate new revenue streams at a 10% increase, and differentiate itself from the competition.

On top of the advantages offered by the new Iridesse technology, Khoo Sun Printing also enjoyed value-added complimentary services provided by the Fuji Xerox GCS Training & Advisory services. The service included an overhaul of the company’s branding which included a logo/brand style guide, and improved designs on its marketing collateral such as names cards, letterheads and envelopes, as well as its retail front. An application kit was also provided by Iridesse for the company to sell its new-found capabilities. All this serves to open up new opportunities for the company to attract new customers, get more work, and boost their bottom line.

To further place Khoo Sun Printing in the public eye, a collaborative project was carried out together with the company and a design agency to create a Graphic Design Guide. Covering three topics on graphic and digital design, as well as case studies on rebranding capabilities, the book was distributed during Docuworld in March 2018 to positive feedback from customers.

Ultimately, the total solution empowered Khoo Sun Printing to get down to the business of producing more jobs at reduced costs, with a technology that delivered on the capabilities that would help it achieve the objectives of growing its business.

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