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PRINT® 18 to debut new recognition program

The RED HOT Technology Recognition Program will be highlighting the must-see products and technology at PRINT 18.

The Association for Print Technologies will be introducing the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program at PRINT 18. The program will be featuring the newest and innovative products at PRINT.

The RED HOT Technology Recognition Program puts a fresh spin on the now-retired MUST SEE ‘EMs program. It aims to give attendees a simple way to explore the newest technologies in the hundreds of exhibitor booths at PRINT.

Featuring publishing and printing technology or equipment that has come to market within the past 12 months, the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program highlights the “what’s new” on the exhibit floor. A printed guidebook will indicate the location of each RED HOT Technology in the Exhibit Hall and each recognized product will sport highly visible RED HOT Technology markers.

Each of these technologies is then eligible to win one of three RED HOT Vanguard Awards, based on its merit as a game-changer in the industry. The RED HOT Breakthrough Award recognizes products that build on existing technology to significantly advance its use; the RED HOT Collaboration Award recognizes innovative new products that result from a combination of technologies from different manufacturers; and the RED HOT Pioneer Award will be given to a product that is the first of its kind or entirely new to this industry.

“Attendees tell us that one of the most exciting parts about visiting the Exhibit Hall at PRINT is the opportunity to see all of the latest products and technology in one place,” said Julie Shaffer, Association for PRINT Technologies associate vice president, program and community development, and head of the RED HOT Technologies program. “This new program showcases the ‘what’s new’ without judgement, and through the Vanguard Awards, recognizes technology that breaks new ground, opening new markets and business opportunities within the industry.” To help PRINT visitors zero in on the products they want to see, RED HOT Recognition Technology designees will be recognized in 12 categories:

  1. Sales & Management Systems

  2. Workflow Automation Systems

  3. Color Management, Prepress & Pre-media

  4. Marketing and Multi-channel Solutions

  5. Analog Presses

  6. Digital Presses

  7. Hybrid Print Technologies

  8. Wide-Format Digital Presses

  9. Post-press, Specialty & Finishing

  10. Imprinting, Mailing, Shipping & Fulfillment

  11. Building and Environmental

  12. Consumables and Substrates

“The RED HOT Technology Recognition Program is about telling the industry what all the newest products and services are that can help them move their print operations forward,” said Association for PRINT Technologies President Thayer Long. “It’s a great way for manufacturers to promote their products and for visitors to map their activities at PRINT—and their future business direction as well.”

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