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PT Panverta installs BOBST K5000 with AluBond

Indonesia-based PT Panverta installed the new BOBST K5000 2450 in its factory earlier this year.

First established in 1989, Panverta is known for being a trusted manufacturer of packaging film in Indonesia. The company produces CPP and LDPE films and is also experienced in vacuum metallizing to provide extra value.

In order to expand its offering, Panverta decided to invest in their first BOBST metallizer due to BOBST’s reputation in the market as a proven solutions provider with process know-how. The new machine includes unique BOBST processes: AluBond for high adhesion and DarkNight for high barrier metallized film.

Panverta invested in AluBond to improve the bonding performance during the metallization process which is more cost effective than using special resins. AluBond is a unique metallizing process which achieves high bonding strength on any substrate with values up to 5N/15mm being achieved eliminating the need for chemically treated films.

The machine also includes a high rate evaporation source for higher speed of operation and reduced distance between adjacent boats to give better coating uniformity.

Another innovative feature also included on this machine is the Hawkeye Pinhole Detector which is a monitoring system that at full metallizer speed, detects, counts and categorizes pinholes and other defects from 0.1mm upwards. Hawkeye sets the benchmark for in-process control; bringing increases in speed and final product quality and an improved barrier performance.

“We have a lot of experience in metallizing films and when we needed to expand capacity to meet demand, we decided to also invest in processes which will give more added value to our films. BOBST are well-known in the market in particular for its AluBond process and their expertise in this area. The machine is now up and running in the factory and we are very happy with it and look forward to continuing our relationship with BOBST,” said Suherman Tanjung, director of PT Panverta.

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