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DIC invests in Japanese startup for sustainably produced chemicals

DIC Corporation announced that it completed an investment in Tokyo-based Green Earth Institute Co., Ltd. (“GEI”), a carve-out startup from Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (“RITE”) for the commercialization of sustainably produced (“Green”) chemicals.

GEI is engaged in the development and commercial production of bioethanol and amino acids (food and animal feed additives) from wood and other non-food biomass feedstocks that do not compete with food or animal feed.

GEI has leveraged innovative corynebacterium fermentation technologies to realize a low-cost production process for Green chemicals, which it aims to promote as a global technology platform for the biorefinery industry.

DIC is working with biotech startups, companies and academic organizations with the aim of strengthening its biotechnologies using algae and other microorganisms to expand related businesses. The company expects that this investment in GEI, which boasts outstanding expertise in the development of Green chemicals, will contribute to the expansion of its portfolio of chemicals and the sustainability of society.

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