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India’s Uflex wins award for the Waterless Internet Flower Packaging

The Waterless Internet Flower Packaging, a breakthrough in packaging of flowers by Uflex, has been announced as Diamond Finalist Winner at the 2018 30th Awards for Packaging Innovation by The Dow Chemical Company (Dow). This award recognizes the packaging industry’s top achievement in innovative packaging design, material, technologies and processes.

On winning the Dow 2018 30th Awards for Packaging Innovation, N Siva Shankaran, vice president, Flexfresh at Uflex Ltd. Said: “Our entry complied with all three critical judging parameters of the award - technological advancement, sustainability and enhanced user experience. By offering the longest shelf life coupled with the sustainable solution, we foresee that Flexfresh is serving to be a boon for flower companies across the globe. The uniqueness of this film is that it is adapted to the living conditions of the flowers. We are introducing similar concepts in other markets and you will see them across geographies soon.”

The Waterless Internet Flower Packaging

Waterless Internet Flower Packaging, developed by Uflex, has been becoming increasingly popular among global flower companies for the myriad benefits that it brings to the table.

It works on the principle of Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging (AMAP) through Flexfresh, a special patented polymeric film, offering shelf-life extension solution for fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. The special film is the first 100% biodegradable film that maintains the hydration of flowers during transpiration, thus creating a closed loop system. Flowers are put to slow respiration mode by reducing the oxygen availability preventing excess oxidation and dehydration. The film keeps the flowers breathing in hydrated oxygen and releases excess humidity keeping them touch dry. The flowers thus can go without water for a significant number of days as the humidity is fed back and continues to breathe in the modified atmosphere.


Uflex’s Flexfresh is a film which has worked across the world for a wide range of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The company has worked on several projects with leading supermarkets and producers, and is available across different continents. Within Europe, the technology has been used to pack produce like asparagus, brussel sprouts, blueberries, flowers, kiwi berries, and herbs. Uflex has also developed solutions for tropical products such as banana, chillies, mangoes, and okra.

Flexfresh introduces a significant competitive edge to supermarkets around the world for providing sustainable solutions to their fresh produce packaging.

Uflex is currently testing its newly improved Flexfresh with high clarity which could replace conventional bags or pouches in supermarket shelves. This change would facilitate supermarkets to achieve their sustainable goals in the short term.

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