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The new product enables expanded gamut printing and brilliant images – with software instead of expensive ink.

CGS introduces ORIS X GAMUT, a fully automated software product for expanded gamut printing on conventional and digital presses.

ORIS X GAMUT expands the full colour space and multi-colour ink set of the press. A specific spot colour can be reproduced without the need for a special ink formulation - a feature of definite interest to brand owners and the packaging and label industries. In addition, ORIS X GAMUT increases the colour saturation of images, especially important in the production of brilliant pictures for photobooks and complex packaging designs, for example.

All this is possible through a perfect match of software features and intelligent workflow tools. ORIS X GAMUT extracts the DNA of the spot and CMYK/RGB colours in the print job and translates them into the expanded fixed colour palette (CMYK+n) of the press. Usually this expanded gamut is achieved at press by adding orange, green and violet to the standard process inks (CMYK+OGV). The process makes use of the included special colour reference tables, i.e. the Pantone colour library or a table created automatically from imported CxF data.

The software leads the user through the whole process, from reading in the test chart to output of the final, optimised, print job – all done automatically.

ORIS X GAMUT has many advantages, not just to the printer but also the brand owner and end customer. Press set-up and make ready times are significantly reduced, regular ink changes and the subsequent clean-up time are, for all intents, eliminated – especially important with short run jobs. Press up-time is greatly increased as the fixed ink set means that different print jobs can be combined into a single press run.

Expensive special inks are no longer required, are not wasted and inventory costs are reduced. Paper waste is also reduced. All leading to a much more environmentally friendly process.

An incredible amount of time and costs are saved in many areas of the print production workflow. ORIS X GAMUT frees up resources for the printer, enabling an increased production capacity. With an increase in production capacity printers can focus more energy on winning new customers.

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