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Fiery driven Landa press first to receive new FOGRA cert

EFI announced that its EFI Fiery digital front end technology and the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press combined is the first to receive Fogra’s new expanded FograCert Validation Printing System certification.

“This new ‘combi-certification’ extends the established FograCert VPS testing regime beyond single print validation to an evaluation of print run stability stipulated by PSD, ProcessStandard Digital (ISO/TS 15311),” said Andreas Kraushaar of Fogra.

“We were pleased to work with both Landa and EFI in conducting this first-of- its-kind certification of ISO compliant Validation Prints for Landa’s S10 press and the press’s EFI Fiery digital front end. Congratulations to both EFI and Landa for achievement of these Fogra seals.”

ISO 12647-8 originally specified criteria and tolerances for the certification of Validation Printing Systems, as well as for Validation Print Creation in the field.

The certification now covers combination printing systems that include a printing system, driving software, colour management software, substrate, and a simulated printing condition that more accurately represents today’s print production process.

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