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Kodak launches new PROSPER Plus Imprinting Solutions for packaging

Kodak introduced new KODAK PROSPER Plus Imprinting Solutions for the packaging industry. These solutions include four new imprinting components as well as food safe packaging inks and pre-coatings for folding cartons, food wraps, paper cups & plates, and ream wraps.

The new PROSPER Plus models will expand the capabilities for printers to leverage continuous inkjet as a complimentary capability to the KODAK PROSPER 6000S Simplex Press and the UTECO SAPPHIRE EVO (Flexible Substrates) Web Fed Solution.

The PROSPER Plus Imprinting Solution is the newest KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology component product line, developed based on KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems, which is designed for packaging and product decoration applications.

The four hardware products will include two narrow formats and two wider format models which will either print at speeds up to 260 mpm or 600 mpm maximum.

The narrow format design is a 105 mm single jetting module, perfect for imprinting barcodes, QR codes, promotional contest information or small format designs in either monochrome or four-colour output. The wider format design is 210 mm dual stitched products which is ideal for corrugated, folding carton and label packaging applications that require full page printing or dynamic layouts.

These components are capable of being mounted in-line with offset, flexo, or gravure presses, from Uteco or other equipment providers, or could be implemented in finishing lines such as folding/gluing systems providing the flexibility for digital to be incorporated throughout various existing printing operations.

PROSPER Plus models feature new print modes with smaller drop size and higher resolution for faster drying and better quality.

Kodak’s water-based inks are customer friendly and have passed US and European certifications for food safety, direct skin contact, and food service products. First demonstrated at drupa 2016, Kodak’s Digital Varnish for packaging applications offers a unique combination of gloss and durability enhancement on folding cartons and related applications. This odorless, water-based Digital Varnish is formulated for indirect food contact compliance and is free of VOCs, mineral oils, and any unreacted UV-curable components.

Randy Vandagriff, president of enterprise inkjet systems division for Kodak, commented: “The packaging market demands innovative, sustainable, productive solutions. Kodak’s water-based inks provide the lowest cost, the highest versatility and the most environmentally friendly option for production inkjet printing. Brands and creative agencies are now able to make printed packaging a physical touchpoint to digitally connect with consumers, unleashing creative flexibility with colour palettes and substrates along with operational efficiency to get to the market faster.”

The new PROSPER Plus Components will be available beginning in April 2019.

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