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Hong Kong’s MKK Installs Five Units of Iridesse™ Production Press

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong)'s premium client in Asia, Ma King Kee Diazo Printing & Co., Ltd. (MKK) leads the professional digital printing industry with the new installs.

Continuous technological and service enhancement are key to stand out from your competitors and build customer loyalty. Ma King Kee Diazo Printing & Co. Ltd. (‘MKK’) has been a market leader since 1950, offering professional digital printing services for the local market.

William Ho, director of MKK, saw an increasing demand of high quality printing in the market and has been looking for a solution to strengthen the capability of MKK in order to cope with high print demand efficiently.

Recognising the ever growing demand on high quality digital outputs, William made a big move in 2018 and installed five units of Iridesse™ Production Press at his production sites. Two of the five units are installed in his Central branch to support their business growth in the Central Business District (CBD).

With the order, MKK becomes not just Fuji Xerox’s biggest client in Hong Kong, but in the whole of Asia.

Digital printing has been the dominant printing technology since the 90s – for over three decades. Since then, MKK has been working closely with Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) to promote industry-led technologies and services to the market.

“The company accelerated digital printing service since 1995 and shifted its business focus from blueprinting and photocopying to commercial printing. All branches equipped with high quality digital printing solution to serve various type of clients,” said William.

As of today, MKK manages 10 branches in Hong Kong and Macau.

MKK has a broad client portfolio comprises of various industries including architecture, legal and accounting sectors. These clients would only accept top-quality digital printings with strict compliance to their requirements.

Accomplished with over 1,000 patented technologies, Iridesse™ has a powerful six-colour print engine using xerography to simulate Pantone metallic colors. It combines two special colours out of the four selections (gold, silver, clear and white) in a single pass, achieving highly desirable results.

William agreed that Iridesse™ has revolutionized the digital printing industry, allowing printing house to deliver similar quality of screen printing with double hit white toner. The technological features of digital printing also enhance the communication and collaboration between MKK and its clients. A significantly shorten lead time between proof reading and output production not only minimizes the environmental footprint, but also elevates the output and industry standard, allowing businesses to offer value-added services.

Standing at the forefront of the industry, MKK has been a long-term partner of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong). William said that MKK will continue to explore new product functionalities and applications with the support from Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong), and to share new insights and feedback for continuous improvement. William believes that this constructive partnership would build a brighter future for the industry.


First published in Issue 02/2019 of Print Innovation Asia.

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