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Esko launches automation engine for HP Indigo customers

Recognising the need for prepress automation, HP has collaborated with Esko to release an automation engine for its Indigo users. The launch is reflective of the evolution in the strategic relationship between the companies in colour and workflow focused innovation.

“HP Indigo digital presses are the leading technology driving digital transformation in labels and packaging. Esko’s prepress workflow automation software can significantly increase productivity for HP Indigo customers. By automating prepress, jobs can be delivered faster and more accurately to maximise press capacity,” said Alon Bar-Shany, general manager of HP Indigo.

The new prepress software creates complete visibility of press resources and activities through its bi-directional connection capability. Additional unique benefits include automatic multi-SKU layouts and the ability to combine static and variable data jobs in one production run. Enabling superior prepress quality control, including version comparison, barcode and braille reading, the software accelerates operator efficiency and reduces waste with unique digital layout capabilities.

With the global print industry experiencing more frequent production jobs, reducing run lengths and shorter lead-time demands from brands, digital presses are growing in popularity to meet the challenge. However, digital printing relies on the efficiency of the prepress process to optimize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Esko president Mattias Byström said: “As digital press speeds accelerate, the only way to guarantee a fast return on investment today, and for years to come, is to adopt prepress automation. The new Automation Engine edition for HP Indigo is another important vehicle to help customers automate. HP Indigo and Esko complementary technologies drive efficiency across the packaging supply chain to meet the needs of brands around the world.”

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