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Xeikon gears up for Labelexpo

Xeikon has wrapped up the fifth edition of Xeikon Café Europe. From 26 till 28 March 2019, Xeikon’s headquarters in Lier, Belgium welcomed about 1,000 visitors from 55 different countries.

Prior to Xeikon Café, Labelexpo announcements were made to industry media and journalists. According to Benoit Chatelard, CEO of Xeikon, the company will have the biggest booth in its history with Labelexpo.

“The overall business of Xeikon grew 15% in the past year. This was in particular with the expansion in China and US. 21 months ago when we first merged with Xeikon, there was a big transformation in Asia and in the US. The label industry in those regions are in a very unique position and its most important to follow their needs,” said Chatelard in his opening speech.

Some of the new launches lined up for show at Xeikon’s Labelexpo Europe 2019 booth include:

  1. A new flexible packaging solution for pouches with very fast turnarounds. Xeikon developed this solution with its UK customer, CS Labels.

  2. A ‘Label Discovery Package’ that consists of entry level systems, Xeikon 3030 and DCoat330 to print and convert.

  3. A high capacity version of the Panther series utilising a high capacity unwinder and the newest version of the X-800 DFE equipped with new functionalities like automate ink optimisation and tactile printing.

  4. A new Panther DuraCure UV curing technology. This technology combines LED and mercury technologies to optimise curing.

  5. ThermoFlexX launches next generation plate imagers, the ThermoFlexX Woodpecker NANO. This is a completely open technology in LAMS imaging which can be applied to any plate in the market.

Stay tuned to next issue of Print Innovation Asia for the full feature of Xeikon Café 2019 and the new launches.


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