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Kornit Digital targets Asia for growth

We catch up with Andy Yarrow, the newly-appointed president of Kornit Digital in Asia Pacific on heights he's planning to take the company to.

1. Tell me more about Kornit and what are some of Kornit’s current activities in Asia Pacific?

Kornit Digital is dedicated to offering innovative digital printing solutions to textile industry which revolutionizes the supply chain.

Primarily this is direct to garment, or DTG as we call it, but also a growing part of the business in DTF, direct to fabric, which are roll to roll systems.

Headquarters are in Israel and the company has been public since 2015. There’s a great commitment to Asia, because textiles and the growth opportunity here is huge, so we have a fantastic experience centre in Hong Kong (Asia Pacific headquarters are a couple of streets away).

We have very strong partners across the region, supported of course, by a team of Kornit sales and technical professionals.

2. Now that you’re on board, what will be your first tasks and focus?

To build scale the will enable growth. The company has big plans for aggressive growth in the next 3-5 years, and Asia Pacific HAS to play a part in getting that growth.

We have to first of all give our current channel partners the ability to scale up, but then recruiting and onboarding new partners in key markets is critical too.

3. Why Kornit versus the competition?

Our process is unique. We all know that the benefits of digital over traditional methods of any type of printing are generally that it removes touch points and processes. With our technology we remove processes in digital that other technologies still have.

So, whereas for some digital processes pre-treatment and then drying of the garment is still a separate process before printing can take place, we combine this into the one step, so we print and dry the garment and we’re done. Our solution is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

4. What are some trends or applications in Asia that you think Kornit will especially excel in?

Online, print to inventory and customization are going to be key to growth in Asia. If you look across the globe brick and mortar stores are closing at a rapid rate. Where we see opportunity, especially in markets as “connected” as Asia Pacific, is to have customers ordering online, small quantities, very unique designs and personalized.

5. What are some interesting things that Kornit’s customers have done before?

It’s no secret that one of Kornit’s largest customers is India’s Fashion Matrix Overseas (FMO).

FMO is a Bangalore-based manufacturer and supplier of high fashion apparel. In 2017, the company embarked on an ambitious venture to print eco-friendly fashion with the opening of ENVS Eco-friendly Digital Fabrics India Pvt. Ltd. (ENVS).

Kornit’s eco-friendly digital textile printing solutions, for which the company holds an Oeko Tex 100 certification and is positive-listed for GOTS, were a natural choice for ENVS which is missioned to produce complex designs for high fashion apparel with SA8000/ WRAP certification.

At ENVS’ production site is state-of-the-art production technology supplied by Kornit Digital. The company purchased India’s first Kornit Allegro for this site. ENVS relied on Kornit’s Allegro for digitally printing on roll fabrics and on an Avalanche 1000 for direct-to-garment printing.


First published in Issue 03/2019 of Print Innovation Asia.


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