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Flint launches nyloflex FTH digital plate for flexible packaging printing

Flint Group unveils new flat top dot plates, nyloflex® FTH Digital Plate, which provides greater versatility for meeting the highest standards in flexible packaging printing.

A solvent-processed plate with a smooth surface designed for use with surface screening, the new flexo plate provides high solid ink density and superb highlight performance for ultimate overall print results. The inherent flat top dot surface of the nyloflex® FTH Digital Plate is achieved without additional processing steps or consumable items. Exposure with either standard tube or LED UV-A light results in a flat top dot surface on the plate, which can be texturized with the latest surface screening technology to create a customized surface pattern to meet the specific requirements of the printer.

The resultant micro-textured surface of the plate provides excellent ink laydown and improved solid ink density on flexible foil substrates. The nyloflex® FTH Digital plate prints with extremely sharp highlight detail due to the very hard durometer of the plate. Its optimized formulation imparts special characteristics, including anti ink fill (AIF) properties, which allow for cleaner running plates with increased press uptime and excellent solvent resistance for longer lasting plates and consistent print.

Extended print runs, fewer stops and the ability to reuse plates, decrease waste and offer additional cost-saving advantages to printers.

Plates are commercially available in .045” (1.14 mm) and .067” (1.70 mm) standard thicknesses and in 35 x 47 in. (900 x 1200 mm), 42 x 60 in. (1067 x 1524 mm), and 50 x 80 in. (1270 x 2032 mm) sizes.

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