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HP unveils new dye sub printer series

HP launched the new HP Stitch S series, a portfolio of digital textile printers designed to accelerate commercial digital print adoption.

The printers use HP Thermal Inkjet technology and features a first-ever built-in spectrophotometer. The lineup currently has three printers to from 64-inch to 126-inch wide: the HP Stitch S300 64-in Printer, the HP Stitch S500 64-in Printer, and the HP Stitch S1000 126-in Printer. 

The HP Stitch S300 and S500 Printer series, as well as dye sublimation paper, were launched at ISA 2019 in Las Vegas on 26 April. According to HP, the printers will be available from August 2019. The 126-inch HP Stitch S1000 Printer will make its debut at FESPA 2019 in May. It will be available at a later date.

The HP Stitch S300 Printer holds the first user-replaceable printhead, that the company says can reduce down-times and service costs. The S300 was designed specifically for new-to-dye sublimation professionals, prototyping departments, and growing print providers.

The HP Stitch S500 on the other hand was designed with high production sites in mind. HP says that the S500 is the most efficient printer for highly demanding dye-sub users, compared to alternative 64-inch dye-sublimation based textile printers available as of January 2019.

Overall, the S500 offers greater efficiency compared to the S300, offering maximum production speeds of 110 m2/hr. The S300 has a maximum production speed of 34 m2/hr. Both printers offer the highest quality prints with HP SmartColor technology and 1200 dpi resolution.

HP also launched a set of new dye sublimation papers for the new series. These papers are designed and tested as a system with HP dye sublimation inks.

“Décor and fashion application trends, on demand production and personalization are boosting digital print growth,” said Fiona Lee, vice president & general manager, graphics solutions business, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP Inc.

“The digitally printed textiles market is experiencing double-digit annual growth, forecast to reach $5.5 billion by 2023, according to Smithers Pira. We look forward to more digital print transformations being realised with the arrival of the new HP Stitch S series.”

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